20 Jul 2009

Nevermind then...

No entries for the contest then... I don't blame you I didn't do mine either :P oh well

On the other hand though! I have actually been doing some painting, OMG! i know! first time in months and I've painted 5 marines and started my test elf. Pictures coming... um... eventually!

Now I'm going to get back to my hot chocolate and lord of the rings, the first one is still my favourite :D

12 Jul 2009

Tweet! Tweet!

I had a couple of people follow me on twitter on my personal account but I've decided to make a warhammer one to go along with it so follow Peter_hammer for any small updates about my hobby. And can I reccomend tweet deck to anyone using twitter, it's a program that refreshed you're twitter in near-realtime to prevent the constant refreshing of using the website, (it also does facebook status updates.)


Yay, what an exciting week, I feel you can gather what happened (hence the title) that means I have plenty of spare time... wait no that's no it... I have plenty of money... um... no! Well the first one yes, and with my unemployment (hopefully temporarliy) I plan on getting (at least) some hobby done, I've cleared my desk of all it's clutter... and it's suddenly 5 to one in the morning (what? there was a lot of stuff).

Here's hoping I'll be able to jump on the work wagon again soon... but not too soon

2 Jul 2009

Seismic what?!

Just a quickie, I was wandering who the bloody hell thought that looked like a bloody hammer! It's a Dread combat weapon with really stubby fingers, go convert yourself one that looks something like a hammer, you know shaft, head, any of this getting through to you GW? I give up!