28 Sep 2009

Combat patrol duty

I don't know about you but I find theres an army of a particular type of that army that you'd just want to have a small little display force, Ron's post on bikers (using the Hawk Lord colour scheme) reminded me of how I'd love to have a tiny force of such a chapter. Another one is the sable swords (a chapter which has very little (if any) fluff written about them and I hope to be using them in an upcoming blog series)

Those of you who haven't head of combat patrol (only a few of you I should think) it is a mini - version of 40K based on games two 400pt armies, the only force requirment is a single troop choice although there are a few restrictions on vehicles (no amour value over 33 (worked out by adding all sides togethor) E.g. a land raider is 42, whilst a Rhino is 33) no models with more than 2 wounds and also no ordanance weapons, it makes fitting a game in much easier if your strapped for time and fair for what your able to field. Even if you have plenty of time a combat patroll makes for a game were your in no rush to throw dice or flick through rules at the speed of a flip book.

If you want the full rules for combat patrol you can get them here
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