3 Aug 2009

What's in it for me? Part TaP

This is a follow on from Ron's post about someone asking what 'was in it' for them by joining the From the Warp blogger group

What? There was never anything 'in it' for me, it was just a place to record my... ramblings about my hobby and hoping to share them with the world (if even a very select few) the From the Warp group was a place where I could maybe get that little more coverage, someone just browsing the list might click on mine (if only by accident) they might like it they might not, but those who do will add to those select people reading my blog. The the main point is to build a community about the hobby we love, it's a big internet out there and one little blog on it's own is not going to get much notice but a group of 300+ will not only build a great archieve for hobby recources but also a great community of friends!

I don't see what is to get other than that?

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