4 Aug 2009

Space Vikings

We've all heard the new Space Wolf rumours, and one of the main things (well not really but still) is the fact that the Wolves are losing the Leman Russ tank, so what? ... Well I'll tell you, Leman Russ was the Space Wolves Primach, and as such the old (well current) codex allows you to take it. But now in the new codex they are taking it away? Surely they should get all the ones available to the guard plus a unique one, kept to the Chapter by their Primach.

The Saga's sound cool though (hopefully drawing on Norse Mythology again) giving each character a unique back story? But what would do you think they would have? Surviving long in the wild through a harsh winter +1 T or more drastic like An celebrated war hero that beat down a horde of orks single handeldy Reroll hits and wounds that sort of thing.

What would you like to see with the new Sagas? What abilities and what story to go behind them?
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