5 Aug 2009

Gamer over, please reset

I've been thinking about my hobby, my lack of disposabal income and the state of my supplies. And I think I may have to actually restart my hobby apart from my models I need new brushes, I have very little paint, my painting board is a mess, my hobby knife is terrible. So when I start getting a decent amount of income again (well any income, worked in a clothing store sale for a week that's it (how much fun was that!)) I'm gonna buy a whole new set of well... everything but there are a few extra things that I want to buy that I think will be useful and you may do to:

A fan - I think this may be useful not only to help normal paint dry (because that's as exciting as well... watching paint dry) but also when shading, I haven't tried this theroy but when washing you could use the fan as directional lighting blowing the wash out of the recesses facing the fan (the light source)

A kettle - What? you say, well I'm a sucker for a cup of tea and being able to get a drink without having to get out of my seat and interupting my painting will be a great help, and hot water is crucial when washing you're brushes (although you don't want it acually boiling, that seems a bit thrawt with danger)

Decent speakers - earphones get on my nerves when trying to paint

Some other things, that I'll put up eventually


(this is weird I don't post for ages and then suddenly I post three in a row scheduled on different days :D )
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