5 Aug 2009

Gamer over, please reset

I've been thinking about my hobby, my lack of disposabal income and the state of my supplies. And I think I may have to actually restart my hobby apart from my models I need new brushes, I have very little paint, my painting board is a mess, my hobby knife is terrible. So when I start getting a decent amount of income again (well any income, worked in a clothing store sale for a week that's it (how much fun was that!)) I'm gonna buy a whole new set of well... everything but there are a few extra things that I want to buy that I think will be useful and you may do to:

A fan - I think this may be useful not only to help normal paint dry (because that's as exciting as well... watching paint dry) but also when shading, I haven't tried this theroy but when washing you could use the fan as directional lighting blowing the wash out of the recesses facing the fan (the light source)

A kettle - What? you say, well I'm a sucker for a cup of tea and being able to get a drink without having to get out of my seat and interupting my painting will be a great help, and hot water is crucial when washing you're brushes (although you don't want it acually boiling, that seems a bit thrawt with danger)

Decent speakers - earphones get on my nerves when trying to paint

Some other things, that I'll put up eventually


(this is weird I don't post for ages and then suddenly I post three in a row scheduled on different days :D )

4 Aug 2009

Space Vikings

We've all heard the new Space Wolf rumours, and one of the main things (well not really but still) is the fact that the Wolves are losing the Leman Russ tank, so what? ... Well I'll tell you, Leman Russ was the Space Wolves Primach, and as such the old (well current) codex allows you to take it. But now in the new codex they are taking it away? Surely they should get all the ones available to the guard plus a unique one, kept to the Chapter by their Primach.

The Saga's sound cool though (hopefully drawing on Norse Mythology again) giving each character a unique back story? But what would do you think they would have? Surviving long in the wild through a harsh winter +1 T or more drastic like An celebrated war hero that beat down a horde of orks single handeldy Reroll hits and wounds that sort of thing.

What would you like to see with the new Sagas? What abilities and what story to go behind them?

3 Aug 2009

What's in it for me? Part TaP

This is a follow on from Ron's post about someone asking what 'was in it' for them by joining the From the Warp blogger group

What? There was never anything 'in it' for me, it was just a place to record my... ramblings about my hobby and hoping to share them with the world (if even a very select few) the From the Warp group was a place where I could maybe get that little more coverage, someone just browsing the list might click on mine (if only by accident) they might like it they might not, but those who do will add to those select people reading my blog. The the main point is to build a community about the hobby we love, it's a big internet out there and one little blog on it's own is not going to get much notice but a group of 300+ will not only build a great archieve for hobby recources but also a great community of friends!

I don't see what is to get other than that?