14 Jun 2009

Raven Angels or Blood Guard?

I was thinking about my Raven Guard the other night and was wondering how I was going to make the force as mobile as I think a raven guard force should be, easy! Use the Blood Angels codex, with Assualt marines as troops choices andVeteran assualt marines as elites (I think could be fast attack) and it means I can even have a Jet pack mounted command squad (which would be cool). I had decided quite recently to remove Shrike from my list (I felt his bonus wouldn't be used that much and I can't use him in the Blood Angels codex anyway!) It also means that my Blood Raven Land Raider and Co. will fit in even better as they are a Chapter founded off the Blood Angels!... I think...And on the Eldar side of things I've decided to abandom Jawaballs' (or is it Jawaballs's?) advice on my army list as I feel that using all the back hand tactics against a weekly opponent (AKA Josh and his Necrons) will soon get predictable and let's be honest, it's not a very honest way to play anyway, so I'm going to go back to my Original idea although I'm considering including an Avatar (Ignoring armour cancels 'I'll be back'... wait that's the Terminator I meant 'We'll be back') and let's face it that rules a paint in the Ass or if I wanted to be really British arse (I keep getting 'You have a great British accent' over Xbox live is...is this a good thing?)Also I've been doing quite a lot of drawing recently (this isn't mine I just searched up 'British sterotypical comics' and it seemed to work) If anyone wants me to draw them anything on flash just let me know, a problem I have with drawing is that I never get inspiration to start me off, now If you excuse me I'm going to walk the Dog, whose currently malting like Vinegar (oh ha ha! that was a cracker! :P )
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