6 Jun 2009

Gamer Munch, OM NOM NOM!

I got hungry after reading a post at Mik's Minis so I thought I would do a post on gamer munch, so here goes!

Painting: When painting you want to avoid foods/drink with sugar/caffine it will make you shakey and more likely to make a mistake (My painting is generally at this level before any of this) so avoid: Tea/coffee (unless decaffinated which I think taste weird), fruit, sweets (ahh man), chocolate (damn it!) and achohol makes you sloppy aswell (like that's gonna stop me! I loves me Cider...hic!)

Gaming: Beer and pretzels anyone? this is very relaxed and there is only one type of food to avoid... sticky stuff, when playing someone it's horrible to end up with sticky dice, like handling warm toffee bleh! M&Ms (or similar) are awsome as you can use them for wound counters, now if that's not motivation to kill an enemy character what is!?

Now if you excuse me I'm going to raid my stash (well... what's left of it...)

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