20 Jun 2009

Competition time!

Woot! So I'm announcing my first every competition! now the prize is nothing big, as most of you know I'm very poor, so what's up for grabs here is a custom banner for your (or one of your favourtie) blogs featuring you're favourite model, GW or otherwise (and yes it will be better than mine... hopefully)

But what is the competition? about you ask, well the Idea is to come up with a special character for a space marine chapter that doesn't already have one (Like the Sabol swords, Fire lords that type of thing) and write rules, fluff and set a points limit for you're character.

The deadline to get you're entires in is the 10th July and then voting will last a fortnight. The voting is not based on having the most overpowered character within reason, it is to make one with a great backround and rules to back it up and is of a reasnable point cost. This is NOT a popularity contest so I will keep all entries annoymous until the results are realased so no posting ideas on you're blog.

I will enter in this ( I'm not gonna be biased towards myself, with the amount of great hobbyists out there I'd be happy with one vote).

There is also an extra prize (well it is the same prize just another way of getting it) for converting and painting the best model to represent you're special character (note this part is not madatory) any previous models may be used as long as they fit the wargear ect.

So let your imagination run riot and come up with the best character you can think of!


On a side note, like many I am looking forward to seeing the new Transformers movie, now I won't be seeing it on the release day but the day after, me and a huge bunch of people I know have booked out our entire local cinema (it's only a one screen old style thing but it's awsome!) and because now that it is a private function... DRINKS ALL AROUND! Anyone else looking forward to seeing it?
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