28 May 2009

Poll closed!

Well it has been for quite a while actually... and you guys want me to do guard... I thought you liked me :P So my list is going to be Guard, Orks and then Chaos Space Marines, I'm doing Chaos afterwards because! Alvin wanted me to :P I have done A LOT of work on the marine codex yesterday but there's still plenty to do (Heavy support... sigh...lots of weapon options...)


25 May 2009


Finally after literally over a month my blogger has started working... unfotunatley not by it's self and I spent a long car journey to ipswitch today sorting it out (thank you Iphone internet connection) So I'm back and!... have a lot of catching up to do.

On the hobby side of things, I haven't bought any eldar yet (the funds are coming along... slowly economic crisis and all that) and I haven't actually painted or assembled a thing (well I put togethor and primered a Glade Guard but that doesn't really count) but I have some big plans for a certain primered scout squad tommorow (yes I'm sticking with the ultramarines until I can get the hang of highlighting black amour).

So I'm glad to be back and be reading up on you soon... hopefully


23 May 2009

Dag Nabbit!

My blogger has packed up and I've had to post (hopefully) this by e-mail. What's happening is that when I try and get onto blogger it comes up with the *this page cannot be displayed* as if I had lost my internet connection. And it is only blogger the few on wordpress work fine, this is mainly why I haven't been updating The Forlorn Forest because I have a complete lack of editing the site having not set up an e-mail for it

Can anyone give me any pointers? If so just leave them as comments and they'll be sent to my inbox.

Peter - Who is missing all his favourite blogs... and also hope this works...

2 May 2009

That was half quick!

The Forlorn Forest is open again after buying some stuff earlier :D that was much faster than I intended but It won't be open here again for a long time as my Hobby fund is working at about £40 a month so in about a month and a halves time I should order some stuff, which will take about a week more to get here so end of July, maybe, assuming I don't spend any of it on anything else.

Signing out... again