14 Apr 2009


As some of you know I'm reading the Soul Drinkers omnibus (and trying not to give any spoilers) the chapter ends up being based in a huge space hulk, and with the release of space hulk on the horizon I think it'd be nice to hear what you picture you space hulks being and how you'd like to go about making one?

My idea of a space hulk is kind of when you screw up a paper ball but instead of using paper, you use a tonne of space craft and intead of crushing then you send them into the warp were they all get fused to one another... and then infested with genestealers, which seems to be a reccouring theme. I think it'd be great fun to make a space hulk using different boards to represent different levels of the hulk using stairs to get you're terminators between levels.

Put you're thoughs as comments

Which reminds me, If you haven't already read
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