15 Apr 2009

Battle report: Double Reversal phase 1

Right, if you remember a post about playing doubles games, but using your partners army instead of your own, well we did our first game of our 1250 (per player) mini-tournament hoping to have 1 game a month for 6 months.

For my first game It was me and my Ultramarines allied with Joe and his sisters of battle, so I was using the sisters and Joe my ultramarines, Our opponents were Adam with his Imperial guard and James with his witch hunters, so It's an Imperial free for all but not really cause we're on teams!
Sorry about the lack of pictures, I did have them but with my recent laptop problems I lost them all, so I'll try and keep this short as not to bore you too much.

Turn 1: We got the first turn and they're going first, they hit a unit of sisters with a basalisk but didn't kill a single one! And they took out my best painted rhino, so i swapped it for my undercoated one :P but thats all the shooting that came from them.
Joe ran my Rhinos up the table and formed a rather nice conga line to protect the razor back with my command squad in, and I moved, and ran up with most of the sisters with nothing in range and I took out an entire heavy weapons team with an exorsist(?) (it looks like it has an organ mounted on the back) Joe took out the only Leman russ that Adam had bought with him with the lascannon on the razorback (peeping over the tops of the rhinos) and killed a pretty decent 7 guard in the explosion, nice.

Turn 2: starts off with a volley of lascannons and melta weapons aimed at the rhino in the front of 'the conga line' and penetrated it 13 times and glanced 5 times and after all that they managed to immobilise it although the crew where so shaken it must have felt like they were at sea :P A few sister casualities were taken but nothing major. At the beginning of our turn I remembered about my assasin who I had infilitrated into some woods and picked off one of his inqusitors retinue (I think) We killed off his IG command squad with a lucky plasma cannon shot and killed another heavy weapons squad with the exorsist(?) this thing was on a roll! My beloved unit of Devs *fully magnatised for easy weapon swaps* took out a total of 25 guardsmen with 4 plasma cannon shots (and a junior officer) One of the guardsmen squads involved in the hits failed a morale test and their seargent was promptly executed... leaving a unit of 3 guardsmen and a commisar...OOO threatining!

Turn 3 & 4 coming tommorow... i'm too lazy too write it now and I just finished watching Skellig, which I remember reading in school years ago...*reminise*


Master Darksol said...

Cliff-hanger!?! You rogue! ;)