24 Apr 2009

Battle report: Cont.

Only turn 3, I'm tired but I want to do something bloggy... that sounds like you need a plunger to sort out... nevermind.

Turn 3&4 sorta combiined: A hell of a lot happened and I can't remember whish turn is which :P, first of all, all of the Ultra marine rhinos unleashed their blue passangers. Ths inquititorial units (names unknown... to me) wrecked havoc on most of my troops leaving only the trusty exsorsist (survived 4 penerating hits) and a sephrahim squad with the cannoness (so if they're female cannon's do they still shoot balls :P ) Next my hitchhiking space marines managed to kill all but the Inquisitor and his retinue (?) on the inquisitor side, but they took a terrible 3 casualities from lasguns :P (the fact they took about 25 more from various other sources is irrelivant). The exorcist continued on it's roll as it blew up a guard unit coming in from reserve... I think it was a special weapons team (there were only six members and they all died) and another got cut to bits by my sephrahims and the razorback picked off a commisar who ended up by himself.

"Get back to battle you insole AHHHHGGGGGG!" - The last words of Commisar Rip Coffins'

'And more stuff got 'marined' and then we realised... there was nothing left on their side of the table by the end of turn 5 :P So i did finish it :D'

Next up is Ultramarines & Tyranids VS Eldar & Tau (Tau-riffic!) ... which are unpainted (Tau-lorable) and some of which aren't assembled (Tau-ribble).

Goodbye... I'm off to buy some Tau-culm powder and a new set of Tau-ls :D

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