30 Apr 2009

Shall I sound that retreat sir?

Let's make this quick, I am going to give up blogging. Not permanently, but giving it up non the less ths thing is, at the minute I just don't have the time of the funds for the hobby and my eldar are still a long distance into the future, so until then, I will not have anything to do with 'The Aspect Portal' nor 'The Forlorn Forest' I just feel that I'm not currently able to distribute much to the commuinty and it all feels like a big waste of time... so I'll see you in a few months when I actually have something intresting to contribute...

Sigining out.

24 Apr 2009

Battle report: Cont.

Only turn 3, I'm tired but I want to do something bloggy... that sounds like you need a plunger to sort out... nevermind.

Turn 3&4 sorta combiined: A hell of a lot happened and I can't remember whish turn is which :P, first of all, all of the Ultra marine rhinos unleashed their blue passangers. Ths inquititorial units (names unknown... to me) wrecked havoc on most of my troops leaving only the trusty exsorsist (survived 4 penerating hits) and a sephrahim squad with the cannoness (so if they're female cannon's do they still shoot balls :P ) Next my hitchhiking space marines managed to kill all but the Inquisitor and his retinue (?) on the inquisitor side, but they took a terrible 3 casualities from lasguns :P (the fact they took about 25 more from various other sources is irrelivant). The exorcist continued on it's roll as it blew up a guard unit coming in from reserve... I think it was a special weapons team (there were only six members and they all died) and another got cut to bits by my sephrahims and the razorback picked off a commisar who ended up by himself.

"Get back to battle you insole AHHHHGGGGGG!" - The last words of Commisar Rip Coffins'

'And more stuff got 'marined' and then we realised... there was nothing left on their side of the table by the end of turn 5 :P So i did finish it :D'

Next up is Ultramarines & Tyranids VS Eldar & Tau (Tau-riffic!) ... which are unpainted (Tau-lorable) and some of which aren't assembled (Tau-ribble).

Goodbye... I'm off to buy some Tau-culm powder and a new set of Tau-ls :D


18 Apr 2009

Vallejo and more shinanigans!

Did I spell it right?

I'm thinking about turning over to Vallejo paints instead of GW, they're cheaper (for the amount of paint in each bottle) but I've never used a 'dropper' bottle before, I'd like to know how other users of Vallejo think of the product and If they'd reccomend it over the GW stuff, please.

and as promised here's another shinanigan (I love that word) that shows you can follow yourself
Also check out my new blog about my future project, wood elves over at The Forlorn Forest

Shinanigans! - Ninja's do exsist

and they advertise on Gmail!
(click for bigger picture, and you can see all my links, some of my e-mail and how much spam I have :D )

More random shinanigans coming soon!

Also sorry about no posting about the battle report yesterday but It's been hectic!
And a mini-update kinda thing, is that I'm going to attempts (when I have the money) to make my Seer council using high elf silver helms (or other eld cavalry) to give them a unique look!

15 Apr 2009

Battle report: Double Reversal phase 1

Right, if you remember a post about playing doubles games, but using your partners army instead of your own, well we did our first game of our 1250 (per player) mini-tournament hoping to have 1 game a month for 6 months.

For my first game It was me and my Ultramarines allied with Joe and his sisters of battle, so I was using the sisters and Joe my ultramarines, Our opponents were Adam with his Imperial guard and James with his witch hunters, so It's an Imperial free for all but not really cause we're on teams!
Sorry about the lack of pictures, I did have them but with my recent laptop problems I lost them all, so I'll try and keep this short as not to bore you too much.

Turn 1: We got the first turn and they're going first, they hit a unit of sisters with a basalisk but didn't kill a single one! And they took out my best painted rhino, so i swapped it for my undercoated one :P but thats all the shooting that came from them.
Joe ran my Rhinos up the table and formed a rather nice conga line to protect the razor back with my command squad in, and I moved, and ran up with most of the sisters with nothing in range and I took out an entire heavy weapons team with an exorsist(?) (it looks like it has an organ mounted on the back) Joe took out the only Leman russ that Adam had bought with him with the lascannon on the razorback (peeping over the tops of the rhinos) and killed a pretty decent 7 guard in the explosion, nice.

Turn 2: starts off with a volley of lascannons and melta weapons aimed at the rhino in the front of 'the conga line' and penetrated it 13 times and glanced 5 times and after all that they managed to immobilise it although the crew where so shaken it must have felt like they were at sea :P A few sister casualities were taken but nothing major. At the beginning of our turn I remembered about my assasin who I had infilitrated into some woods and picked off one of his inqusitors retinue (I think) We killed off his IG command squad with a lucky plasma cannon shot and killed another heavy weapons squad with the exorsist(?) this thing was on a roll! My beloved unit of Devs *fully magnatised for easy weapon swaps* took out a total of 25 guardsmen with 4 plasma cannon shots (and a junior officer) One of the guardsmen squads involved in the hits failed a morale test and their seargent was promptly executed... leaving a unit of 3 guardsmen and a commisar...OOO threatining!

Turn 3 & 4 coming tommorow... i'm too lazy too write it now and I just finished watching Skellig, which I remember reading in school years ago...*reminise*

14 Apr 2009


As some of you know I'm reading the Soul Drinkers omnibus (and trying not to give any spoilers) the chapter ends up being based in a huge space hulk, and with the release of space hulk on the horizon I think it'd be nice to hear what you picture you space hulks being and how you'd like to go about making one?

My idea of a space hulk is kind of when you screw up a paper ball but instead of using paper, you use a tonne of space craft and intead of crushing then you send them into the warp were they all get fused to one another... and then infested with genestealers, which seems to be a reccouring theme. I think it'd be great fun to make a space hulk using different boards to represent different levels of the hulk using stairs to get you're terminators between levels.

Put you're thoughs as comments

Which reminds me, If you haven't already read

13 Apr 2009


or lack of it. I've not touched a single model in the past month! I have started the Space Marine battle deck today and I've put all the names and pictures in and... that's it. No stats, no special rules, and with 37 to do it's going to take a while

For the space marines I'm going to do a seperate deck for the special characters (as I'm going to do the phoenix lords for the eldar) and a note on the decks, you do not have to print all of the cards, just the ones you need, be nice to the planet. Also does anyone have a decent picture of honour guard they can send me?

7 Apr 2009

Eldar Battle Deck - Complete!

Yes! The first one is done! now I'm far too lazy to proof read this one so I'm relying on you guys to point out any mistakes, so send me an email at peter.simpkins@googlemail.com or post a comment.

So here's you're link: Eldar Battle Deck

Let me know what you think, and after (if) you use them, let me know any improvments, critisms or just general stuff... let me know!

And who voted for the eldar! it was supposed to be a not-so-witty pun! change it... prefebly to orks

6 Apr 2009

Yeah... go on then... pick the hordes

Seems the votes are going the way of da orks and the imperial guard, which are both horde armies with a hellofva lot of units. Each. So that mean whichever one I won't be doing now I'll probably have to do after the one that get's voted for... did that make sense?

Ahh! just read the IG summary sheet again 53 different units! might wanna stock up on printer paper for this one... and the ork one... 31... damn well i suppose the eldar was 27 or so, so the orks aren't too bad

Keep voting


Update: now the votes for the 'nid is going up... apparently hordes for the win :S

4 Apr 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Whoo! 60th post!
So today whilst catching up on all my recorded TV (I'm blaming sky+ for sitting on my ass all day) I've put togethor most of the eldar deck, the only things that are left are the Harelquins, Rangers and all the fast attack units!

Like I said I'm going to do the space marines next but I'm going to open up the vote for the one after that, giving you a fortnight to vote.

peace out...?


3 Apr 2009

New Header

If your reading this post you probably noticed the picture of the banshee behind the title, it wasn't my picture but I edited it to make it work for my title heres the original image:
took a quite a bit of editing then getting the right size was a pain but not too bad for half an hours work.

I'm wandering whether to continue with the battle decks, but as suggested take away the point costs making them play aids, and there needed for eldar with two different powers for every type of aspect warrior :S. What do you reckon? Yes? No?

Update: I've decided to go ahead with the decks, and I've already created 5 more for the eldar deck... bed now at 01:10 :S

2 Apr 2009

Cloaks of Silence

I keep getting hit by inspiration that would be awsome, but non-do-able but this one is, especially as it can be done easily after the models are complete, so... yay!

The plan is to give my entire force green cloaks (greenstuff silly not actually green) i think it'd look awsome on the jetbike riders with the billowing cloaks behind them and heres hoping a hood can hide the horrible jetbikers heads.

Any thoughts on this on greenstuff guides to making cloaks, both would be appreciated

1 Apr 2009

Preview Eldar - Battle Deck

Here's a quick insight into what the cards will look like.


I will attempt to add a bit of 'backround' artwork kind of thing in the future and this is the only one I've done, I'm not sure why i started with the banshees but hey...

Any suggestion, comments or abuse... wait scratch that last one, you know where to put 'em!