7 Mar 2009

Rookie error!

Well today a lot of things happened
#1 I went into town and bought a unit of scouts to be my test ravenguard minis from my local gaming store... I mean stall (serious 'green angle cards and games' in Kettering (northanptonshire) look it up in the back of the WD :P ) I'll post my progress... I mean failings as they come, if the ruddy camera doesn't start playing up (I finally passed my feel no pain on my thumb for you who wanted to know :D)

#2 I download the new army rooster thing from Pit of the Oni, great thing by the way and thanks for sorting out that bug

and #3 my ruddy laptop's been wiped! My friend came round with DoW2 and a no-cd crack on his memory stick... (I left him to it I had to go get some supplies... pizza and yeah... today's gaming day) the crack didn't work and I've lost everything! Luckily I have most of the important stuff backed up, work, music, pictures ect. but I've needed to re-install Windows XP, firefox, ,word all that kinda software and on the warhammer side I've lost all of my army lists and stuff... which is so annoying, I had one up for 1000, 1500, 1750 and 2000 point lists for my Raven Guard, Eldar, and Dark elves... which are now all gone so I only have the 1500 ones i posted up on here :S sigh... I need a mac, everyone's too lazy to make viruses for them :P


Admiral Drax said...

Ooh-ouch. I feel your pain.

Beware the seduction of the Mac, though. The grass is always greener...er...with Apple?

sorry - I'm tired.