20 Mar 2009

Phairwell Phi and hobby update

Managing to yet again shang-hi a computer, but this time it's a laptop, I've stolen it off a friend who's gonna be out of town so hopefully... he won't be back soon.

A little dissapointed to hear that Phil from 40K radio has left! He'd been missing the past few shows but has finally announced he's no longer going to be a co-host on the show, hopefully he'll pop up every now and again, but phairwell phil.

On the xbox front if you look at my gamercard (if it's working properly) you'll see that I've bought Peggle, as lovley and fluffy as it is playing with unicorns and pumpkins ect. as you're character, behind this though it's a really great game, which I'm addicted to, I'm trying to stick to the arcade games for a while to keep my xbox gaming cost down so that I have plenty of monies for my eldar :)

My scouts are partly assembled and are undercoated but I'm still stuck on how to paint black, maybe I should re-read Ron's guide.

I've taken my first ever commission!... well I say commision, I've taken on a devilfish of my rouge miniature ruin-er at my gaming club, I thought I would be a decent practice for the sleek lines of the eldar vehicles, also I don't want him to ruin it, so he's given me six quid to buy some vomit brown, bronzed flesh (thank you second hand stall that is my local gameshop) something else and also an undercoated SM biker (at least he can undercoat stuff). I've put down the basecoat and started highlighting and then I got bored (did it to add to my ultramarine bike squad BTW)

Anyway the devilfish's assembled and undercoated and I've put down the scortched brown in the recesses of the thing, and I started to paint on the vomit brown but I had to start again as the paint was lumpy (wtf?) so I mixed it up a little... with the end of the pencil and then I prompley fell asleep... serves me right for always painting at gone 11 0' clock :P I woke up in the morning with a lovley layer of goo over my vomit brown, luckily I managed to headbutt my desk to wake myself up in time for work this morining :)
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