19 Mar 2009

Out of it.

Right guys, my laptop has completly died, like dead died, it's broken. I've managed to shang-hi a computer to put this post up, but I will be inactive and unable to visit your blogs regularly, if anyof you find something I should really have a look at in my absence (I haven't checked blogs since last friday) than e-mail the links to me @ peter.simpkins@googlemail.com it'd be much appreciated. And I should be able to ckeck me e-mail every other day or so.

I got my white dwarf yesterday (If your only in it for the 40K I wouldn't bother with it, there's two shadowsword data sheets (which i think are up on the net) and then a painting masterclass for the Stompa (which is supposed to be as custom and orky as you can make it anway so pointless aswell really) and unfortunatly... I might have to get War of the Ring, becuase it just looks great :) I never really was a fan of the skirmish based old one, (the whole might, will, fate thing got a bit much for my puny brain, but as far as I'm aware this one only uses might) but large scale battles with (relativley) cheap models spells a big yes!

Although I'd wish GW'd stop doing the OTT battle reports, it doesn't give an accurate feel for what the game plays as. And the last few (SM and Ork ones) have had multiple battle reports (3 and 4 respectivly) that have all been rubbish, and almost as much briefing and debriefing as one of the reports lasts, anyway I digress, It looks like a sound game system.
Below is a bit more 'in-depth' of what is wrong with my laptop.

So you know the screen that pops up if your laptop freezes and gives you the option to go into safe mode, well whatever option you chose it just loops back to that screen and every now and again you see the dreadded 'blue screen' flash up for a split second. So my laptop has been sent off (I love extended cover, it ends next month aswell :D ) and I hope to get it back before easter.

See you round!
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