27 Mar 2009

Just a quickie

Got my laptop back today and yet again it's been wiped *sigh* I'd done a load of work restoring my laptop from when it got wiped a few weeks back and now I have to start agian... but! i got my base coats down on my scouts and it'll do for tommorow I suppose, I'll put a battle report up tommorow hopefully, no piccies though.

Already 100 pages into the soul drinkers omnibus, and thanks to those who suggested some more, I'll buy them after the start of my eldar which my starting off shopping list is: 1 jetbike and bitz to make a farseer, 6 man jetbike squad, 10 dire avengers and a wave serpent, which should be enough to deal with for the time being, and I need my codex...
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