31 Mar 2009

Battle Deck Army Builder!

yeah! what a cool name! and i thought of it... right so what I'm thinking of doing is making card sets for each race in 40K with both the point values (ect) and the special rules so you don't have to keep filicking between pages in your codex to find out stats, rules ect. they'd also be good in battle aids.
So I'm gonna start with eldar (because that's what I'm gonna be using) then marines and then I'll let yah vote *assuming this all goes to plan* so look forward to the first ones being posted at some point in the next few days/weeks/months/years/when hell freezes over/never

Peter out

27 Mar 2009

Just a quickie

Got my laptop back today and yet again it's been wiped *sigh* I'd done a load of work restoring my laptop from when it got wiped a few weeks back and now I have to start agian... but! i got my base coats down on my scouts and it'll do for tommorow I suppose, I'll put a battle report up tommorow hopefully, no piccies though.

Already 100 pages into the soul drinkers omnibus, and thanks to those who suggested some more, I'll buy them after the start of my eldar which my starting off shopping list is: 1 jetbike and bitz to make a farseer, 6 man jetbike squad, 10 dire avengers and a wave serpent, which should be enough to deal with for the time being, and I need my codex...

26 Mar 2009


Edit: I realised Drax did a post named likewise after this... immediatley afterwards

I picked up The Souleaters Omnibus. From the 36pages I've read (I read really fast when I get down to it, i'll probably have this 676pg (might be 767pg) monster (three books in one minde) done in a few weeks time hee hee hee...

Just wandering if anyone has read it already and what they thought of it and if they can reccomend any other 40K-ish books that I should read

20 Mar 2009

Phairwell Phi and hobby update

Managing to yet again shang-hi a computer, but this time it's a laptop, I've stolen it off a friend who's gonna be out of town so hopefully... he won't be back soon.

A little dissapointed to hear that Phil from 40K radio has left! He'd been missing the past few shows but has finally announced he's no longer going to be a co-host on the show, hopefully he'll pop up every now and again, but phairwell phil.

On the xbox front if you look at my gamercard (if it's working properly) you'll see that I've bought Peggle, as lovley and fluffy as it is playing with unicorns and pumpkins ect. as you're character, behind this though it's a really great game, which I'm addicted to, I'm trying to stick to the arcade games for a while to keep my xbox gaming cost down so that I have plenty of monies for my eldar :)

My scouts are partly assembled and are undercoated but I'm still stuck on how to paint black, maybe I should re-read Ron's guide.

I've taken my first ever commission!... well I say commision, I've taken on a devilfish of my rouge miniature ruin-er at my gaming club, I thought I would be a decent practice for the sleek lines of the eldar vehicles, also I don't want him to ruin it, so he's given me six quid to buy some vomit brown, bronzed flesh (thank you second hand stall that is my local gameshop) something else and also an undercoated SM biker (at least he can undercoat stuff). I've put down the basecoat and started highlighting and then I got bored (did it to add to my ultramarine bike squad BTW)

Anyway the devilfish's assembled and undercoated and I've put down the scortched brown in the recesses of the thing, and I started to paint on the vomit brown but I had to start again as the paint was lumpy (wtf?) so I mixed it up a little... with the end of the pencil and then I prompley fell asleep... serves me right for always painting at gone 11 0' clock :P I woke up in the morning with a lovley layer of goo over my vomit brown, luckily I managed to headbutt my desk to wake myself up in time for work this morining :)

19 Mar 2009

Out of it.

Right guys, my laptop has completly died, like dead died, it's broken. I've managed to shang-hi a computer to put this post up, but I will be inactive and unable to visit your blogs regularly, if anyof you find something I should really have a look at in my absence (I haven't checked blogs since last friday) than e-mail the links to me @ peter.simpkins@googlemail.com it'd be much appreciated. And I should be able to ckeck me e-mail every other day or so.

I got my white dwarf yesterday (If your only in it for the 40K I wouldn't bother with it, there's two shadowsword data sheets (which i think are up on the net) and then a painting masterclass for the Stompa (which is supposed to be as custom and orky as you can make it anway so pointless aswell really) and unfortunatly... I might have to get War of the Ring, becuase it just looks great :) I never really was a fan of the skirmish based old one, (the whole might, will, fate thing got a bit much for my puny brain, but as far as I'm aware this one only uses might) but large scale battles with (relativley) cheap models spells a big yes!

Although I'd wish GW'd stop doing the OTT battle reports, it doesn't give an accurate feel for what the game plays as. And the last few (SM and Ork ones) have had multiple battle reports (3 and 4 respectivly) that have all been rubbish, and almost as much briefing and debriefing as one of the reports lasts, anyway I digress, It looks like a sound game system.
Below is a bit more 'in-depth' of what is wrong with my laptop.

So you know the screen that pops up if your laptop freezes and gives you the option to go into safe mode, well whatever option you chose it just loops back to that screen and every now and again you see the dreadded 'blue screen' flash up for a split second. So my laptop has been sent off (I love extended cover, it ends next month aswell :D ) and I hope to get it back before easter.

See you round!

7 Mar 2009

Rookie error!

Well today a lot of things happened
#1 I went into town and bought a unit of scouts to be my test ravenguard minis from my local gaming store... I mean stall (serious 'green angle cards and games' in Kettering (northanptonshire) look it up in the back of the WD :P ) I'll post my progress... I mean failings as they come, if the ruddy camera doesn't start playing up (I finally passed my feel no pain on my thumb for you who wanted to know :D)

#2 I download the new army rooster thing from Pit of the Oni, great thing by the way and thanks for sorting out that bug

and #3 my ruddy laptop's been wiped! My friend came round with DoW2 and a no-cd crack on his memory stick... (I left him to it I had to go get some supplies... pizza and yeah... today's gaming day) the crack didn't work and I've lost everything! Luckily I have most of the important stuff backed up, work, music, pictures ect. but I've needed to re-install Windows XP, firefox, ,word all that kinda software and on the warhammer side I've lost all of my army lists and stuff... which is so annoying, I had one up for 1000, 1500, 1750 and 2000 point lists for my Raven Guard, Eldar, and Dark elves... which are now all gone so I only have the 1500 ones i posted up on here :S sigh... I need a mac, everyone's too lazy to make viruses for them :P

5 Mar 2009

Eldar 1500 army list

I know, I know it's later than I said, but you don't know where I live so HA!


Farseer 55pts - 188pts
Singing spear 3pts
Runes of Warding 15pts
Runes of Witnessing 10pts
Spirit Stones 20pts
Eldar Jetbikes 30pts
Doom 25pts
Fortune 30pts

Seer Council - 210pts
5 Warlocks 125pts
Destructor x 5 50pts
Singing Spear x 5 15pts
Eldar Jetbikes 20pts


Guardian Jetbike Squad - 196pts
8 members 176pts
shuriken cannons x 220pts

Guardian Jetbike Squad - 196pts
8 members 176pts
shuriken cannons x 220pts

Dire Avengers - 337pts
10 members 120pts
Exarch 12pts
Two Avenger Catalpults 5pts
Bladestorm 15pts
Defend 15pts
Wave Serpent 90pts
Twin-linked Scatter Lasers 25pts
Shuriken cannon 10pts
Star engines 15pts
Spirit Stones 10pts


Howling Banshees - 372pts
10 members 160pts
Exarch 12pts
Executioner 10pts
War shout 5pts
Acrobatic 5pts
Wave Serpent 90pts
Twin-linked Scatter Lasers 25pts
Shuriken cannon 10pts
Start engines 15pts
Spirit Stones 10pts

1500pts exactly... I think

This is a list that Jawa... wait no Fritz (yes I foolishly sent it to Jawaballs first, way to go me!) becuase I stole Ron's Idea *insert evil laugh here*

As you can see everything is either on a jetbike or in a wave serpent making this a nasty fast moving thingy... BUT! it's not Saim-Hann, they are going to be a dark blue colour (enchanted blue is gonna be the highlight) with silver for emblem things. My anti-tank stuff is mainly gonna be the singing spears and scatter lasers in rear amour 4 S6 shots can eat up most vehicles, but the Land Raiders are gonna have to be left to the Seer council.

I was trying to build this as an anti-necron list (but it didn't really plan out, but my brother plays orks, it'll be good against them) as my friend Josh who I play (and win (every single time) every thursday, is about to start collecting his Necrons along with my eldar, I might get some updates on his progress (He's bought, assembled and undercoated his necron lord w/ staff and rez orb, which is more than me really I've only painted a Farseer which I'm not going to use anymore) but I'm feeling lazy and I've been playing Halo Wars... alot

"If you want to hook up with me over Xbox Live my gamertag is 'Wolfhound PSK' but my mike is broken (It plays up a lot and makes my voice sound about three tones higher, I've listened to myslef on it and I sound like 13 or something :P ) and I've sworn an oath to myself that I'm saving all me gaming money to start my Eldar, also I play mostly with my Nephew and his friends (I know beating kids isn't such a big deal... It's only when they beat me it is :( "