5 Feb 2009

Stuck by inspiration... literally

I was busy thinking about my Raven Guard force when I was literally hit by inspiration, I was thinking up a theme, you know what i mean is the force gonna be set in a desert, a ruined city or whatever. Well whilst outside cleaning up after the dog, a stupid amount of snow fell off the tree on top of my head, after having thawed out, which took about a week... okay it took about 5 minutes after being inside again but hey!

I now know I want to theme my Raven guard on a frozen wasteland things, not the snow effect type thing, i hate that stuff, the proper frozen ice, model a scout to be falling over type of ice. I've found that it's easy to turn a wasteland into a frozen one... just paint it blue :P

I'm thinking of turning these bases (que picture) from back 2 base-ix (brilliant site) Into frozen plain, things for my ravenguard, Ok... that is all and stuff... Also I have the day off work today becuase there is literally a ft of snow outside... I'm stuck here with a tonne of orks... and no-one can hear me scream :S

Edit: Don't forget Back 2 Base-ix also stock plasticard, flock, modeling sand (i think they call it ballast) nuts, bolts and washers. And they have both round and square bases, check them out, at only $6.10 for 10 25mm bases it's good value aswell... I think (not sure with my £ to $ but i think it's about £4 or something)
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