8 Feb 2009

Modelling oppurtunities, grab 'em, there fun

I was looking round for some raven guard stuff (Ok i was looking on a guide to how to paint the symbol... and i found one here) I was thinking about the modelling I could do with my ravenguard, marines can get quite boring without anything to make them unique so I thought about it and here's what I've come up with so far:

Floaty bases: I'm gonna model Shrike, My librarian and my assualt marines to be in flight, using a piece of wire attatched to the base to make them look like their mid jump, I might also add some greenstuff/cotton wool/ amourcast effects, smoke/flames coming out the jump packs.

Drop lift or grind pod?: Some of you may know I play gears of war 2, so I thought i'd be a fun task to scratch build a grind lift (does the same thing as a drop pod but from ground level to underground, not flying to ground level) It'd be good if I need an additional drop pod for friendly games and it let's me go nuts with plasticard, double win :D

Raveguard/Ravenwing: Yes... I'm scheming

That's all I've though of at the minute but hey! I'll probably think of some more!

Yet again any suggestions you know where to put 'em
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