21 Feb 2009

Epic fail...

(This isn't a made up story and I have the wound to prove it :S i wish it was though...)

So after reading that there was going to be a painting corps challange, i got sraight to work deassembaling a tac marine that i had glued the bolter on funny and he needed re-making anyway, unfotunatley I had a bit of an accident, I managed to cut my thumb on my craft knife (this is still my huge chunky one i haven't got a new x-acto yet) and yes it really, really hurts (It's slowing down my typing at the minute I'm having to touch type without my thumb :(, and i can't operate my Ipod with my right hand)it's put a stop to all of my hobby work (this is deep :S ) and so there will be an even bigger lack of hobby updates (even though t he cameras sorted now)

If you don't understand how bad a cut this is i took one look at it and fainted (Failed my feel no pain roll), landed on an ork painboy (Irony!) I was roused a few minutes later, as my labradour had come into the room to investigate and licked my face into conciousness, good girl :S

Just remember kids, sharp things hurt! ouch!
this is generally what my craftknife looks like (except it's red)
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