17 Feb 2009

Achievment unlocked: Double double - 25g

Again, name the refrence for internet points!

Down to buisness, so... alot of people play teams, and here is an idea to try out that plays out as a fun an interesting game.

Draw out your army lists and gather you're models BUT! you'll be playing your teamates army! I tried this with my friend nicks Imperial Guard (I've never played these before) and he played my ultramarines. Not only was this a great battle (our oppnent Adam had n
o idea how to play nids :P ) it gives you a great insight into how their army works, what they're best at and what you as his teamate need to do to draw on these advantages, giving you an edge playing normal double games.

Go and try it, we had great fun in this game and we've even planned a double reverse tournatment where you are teamed up randomly and then swap your armies (who knows which army your going to end up with?) We're planning this to start early next month and we're going to have 5 rounds (1 a week for the whole month) I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

Also for you guys who loved the nightlords here is another picture of them in action!
Also if you're wandering about the irregular post time. I have a week off! happy face :)
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