22 Feb 2009

Back from the depths

It seems the Blood Ravens won, making it a late win over the hawk lords, I'm relieved to a degree as I have no experience painting purple and one of the centerpieces (my redeemer) being painted in that colour, I didn't want to ruin it, and I quite like the Blood ravens (thanks to Dawn of War)

Which reminds me: If you haven't already watched this, THQ hired a team to convert, well construct a Rhino, they say life size but no-way would they fit 12 8' marines in there, it would have been awsome if they had mounted a high caliber gun on it and blown some stuff up, to represent a storm bolter :P

I've had a look around for a few tutorials, there's a video series on youtube that I'm about to have a look at but if anyone can recommend a guide on how to paint them, then all input would be appreciated.

"Tread softly, and carry a big gun."
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