15 Feb 2009

Achievment unlocked: Variety is the spice of death - 30G

Alright internet points for guessing the title reference.

I was re-reading the tale of 4 gamers yesterday (I'm kinda annoyed it finished that was the first bit I'd read every month) I was thinking about matt's chaos space marines and how he did all of them red corsairs except one unit. Which he really went to town one unit nightlords (he went absoloutley nuts at these they look brilliant)

So what I'm planning on doing is Painting up my LR and my vanguard a different chapter colour, becuase Raven Guard never use heavy vehicles and the vanguard would have jump packs. So I've picked out a few chapters I'd like to try painting these up as, but I want YOU to vote on them (see poll)

Here are pictures of what the different colour schemes on the chapters are:

Sons of Orar(They look cool, and I only need to buy two colours):

Hawk Lords (they look cool and fit the bird theme, but I don't own a purple at the minute (although I need one):
The Fire Lords (fit because the redeemer has FIRE! Need to buy yellow and red):
The Blood Ravens (I know this is a blood angels chapter but I like them (and they fit in with the raven theme, Only need to buy 2 colours)
These are the four chapters that I like and feel I'll be able to do an above avarge paint job on them. SO GET VOTING
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