1 Feb 2009

2000pts Raven Guard list

This list is a lot less fluffy (even with the special character) and is probably a much more 'usable' list so here goes


Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike - 195pts

Space Marine Librarian - 100pts - 180pts
Epistolary - 50pts
Jump Pack - 25pts
Force Dome - Free
Might Of The Ancients - Free


Scout Squad - 75pts - 180pts
+5 Models - 65pts
Heavy Bolter (With Hellfire Shells) - 10pts
Camo cloaks - 30pts
Sniper Rifles - Free

Scout Squad - 75 - 140pts
+5 Models - 65pts
Bolters - Free

Tactical Squad - 90pts - 245pts
+5 Models - 80pts
Powerfist - 25pts
Meltagun - 5pts
Multi-Melta - Free
Drop Pod - 35pts
Locator Beacon - 10pts


Vanguard Veteran Squad -125pts - 325pts (not right, removed the flamers ect from assualt squads and used the points here but I didn't bother changing them)
+5 Members - 100pts
Relic Blade - 15pts
Edit: (used to be 3) Power Fist x 2 - 50pts
Edit: (used to be 4 power weapons) Lightning x 3 - 45pts
Edit: (wasn't here before) Thunder Hammer - 30pts
Melta Bombs - 5pts

Fast Attack

Assault Squad - 100pts - 245pts
+5 Members
Powerfist - 25pts
Melta-Bombs - 5pts

Assault Squad - 100pts - 245pts
+5 Members
Powerfist - 25pts
Melta-Bombs - 5pts

Heavy Support

Whirlwind - 85pts

Landraider Redeemer
Multi-Melta - 10pts
Extra Amour - 15pts

So taking some advice from the other post, yes the Vanguard Veteran Squad will be mounted up in the landraider.

You'll notice I didn't give my assault squad any additional ranged weapons, that is becuase I plan on taking full advantage of Captain Shrike's chapter tactics (Which lets you change Combat Tactics speacial rule for the Fleet speacial rule).

The Whirlwind is there to take out any campers (Pathfinders in cover, Gretchin on objectives, massed orks/nids/guard)

What I plan on doing is dropping the drop pod at a vunerable point in my opponent's battle line, then (thanks to the locator beacon) I will deep strike my two assault squads with Shrike and the Librarian (I'm not sure whether to put these both in one unit or one in each (as abviously shrike doesn't benifit the force dome due to his Iron Halo) (obviously this won't work well on DoW set up I might just send my Librarian in and he can catch up with the deep striking units)

With my Librarian I will use the Force dome (5+ invunrable save) to keep my assualt troopers alive and Might of the acients to add some additional vehicle, and high toughness killing power to the units (strength 6 + 2D6 amour pen)

With the scouts to sit on objectives (the sniper one as near to my deployment zone as possible) I'll try if i can to capture another objective with the tac squad but I don't expect them to survive more than the first two turns, but with three fast moving units (Assualt squads, Land raider) and the ability to fleet) I should be able to contest most if not all of my opponents objectives

There's my plan and list, got any addvice or critisms you know where to put it (in the comments not the other place :P )
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