18 Feb 2009

1500pts Raven Guard List


Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike - 195pts


Tactical Squad 90pts - 225pts

+5 members 80pts

Meltagun 5pts

Missle launcher Free

Melta bombs 5pts

Drop pod 35pts

Locator Beacon 10pts

Tactical Squad 90pts - 240pts

+5 members 80pts

Meltagun 5pts

Missle launcher Free

Rhino 35pts

Storm bolter 10pts

Extra Amour 15pts

Scout Squads 75pts - 150pts

+5 members 65pts

Sniper Rifles Free

Heavy Bolter 10pts


Dreadnought 105pts - 165pts

Assualt cannon 10pts

Extra amour 15pts

Drop pod 35pts

Fast Attack

Assualt Squad 100pts - 240pts

+5 members 90pts

Flamers x 2 20pts

Power fist 25pts

Melta bombs 5pts

Scout Bike Squad 70pts - 200pts

+7 members 140pts

Astartes grenade launcher x 3 30pts

Attack Bike Squad (?there's only one?) - 50pts

Attack bike 40pts

Multi-melta 10pts

That's 1500pts exactly, I hope... anyway, the tac squad in the drop pod will be launched first turn and then I'll deep strike my Assualy marines w/ shrike and dreadnought, My scouts can sit on an objective and pick off any units (heres hoping they're infantry) heading their way.

The attack bike will go tank hunting, if he's not shot on the first turn which is likley...

The second tac squad will move up in the rhino (may put one combat squad in there w/ melta gun to go hunting and put the other on an objective) and to tank shock people off objectives and claim them for my own evil purposes... MUHAHAHAHA!

And the scout bike squad will be my anti-anything-they-can-shoot-at, and with a 12" scout move (can this be a turbo-boost does anyone know) they'll be in range now.

Obviously no Land Raider Redeemer in this list and no vets, although I'm thinking of re-writing that list and not taking the vets, they're very expensive and not that durable, might just put a tac squad in there, I dunno. If I do though the tac squad will be under the voted colour scheme :D keep voting!

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