4 Jan 2009

Back into the Warp

Many of you are very sorry to hear that Ron over at from the warp has decided to close up shop and I'm sure a lot of us will miss him... I know I will, I never found out how he paints white :P

With the leader of the FtW blogger group gone (hmm... do we need a new name aswell?) that means we need to pick a new leader. Not me. But I do think we should spread the load like: one person doing the round table stuff, one person organizing the monthly comps, one person organizing the mailing and one just to keep everything in line, I think it was the amount of work Ron had to do for it that made him go... or something (I'm just guessing here)

I don't know how we're going to run the election maybe we could do a Poll or something, people put themselves up as candidates (please note that Barak Obama may not enter) and then we can vote... I'll organize this bit if you like.

So what do yah think to the idea?
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