20 Jan 2009

15 things to do before you... fall asleep :P

Here are a few quick things to speed up your hobby, but not necessarily 15 of them which takes me to one I thought of after I started

0) Try setting targets for you're self, complete a unit by the end of the week or something...

1) DON'T take over a blogging group when the original leader quits :P

2) paint the top of your paint lids the colour that's inside, instead of searching through your colours for ages (finding more pots of chaos black than you thought you had and realised you shouldn'tve bought some more (does this sound like I'm talking from experience?)

3) Have a clean work area, have a seperet desk just for your hobby (if you're lucky enough to have room... you can't work at a desk covered with college work or... work work, you need you're own little hobby... cacoon

4) Don't read every blog post that comes up otherwise your 5 minute touch up job can take two hours (I'm also experienced in this area)

5) Always have only one model out on the go (unless batch undercoating) painting up 20 ork boyz can seem really daunting but take them one by one and you feel you're getting somewhere)

6) Reward you're self for getting things done, see a cool mini you'd love to paint but have no other use for buy it when you complete an especially hard character, an army or something else (beating a friend you've had a stupidly long losing streak against (experience again, I bought the nobz (there awsome!) for example 3 ork boyz = 1 cookie :D -Which reminds me not owning the ork codex, can someone tell me the difference between a Choppa and a big choppa?

7) Stay on hobby, the number of times I've almost forgotten warhammer exsists then you feel really hard to get motavated, listen to some hobby related podcasts (I listen to: 40K radio, Worlds end radio, podhammer (not for the little'uns)and The D6 generation) try fantasy battles or even LotR

8) Don't cut down on you're hobby time to run you're blog, it's not that important! unless it's really important...

9) Think of some more stuff before starting you're blog posts and don't do it late at night (AKA i might add to this post tommorrow)
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