24 Jan 2009

1750 point White scar/Raven guard force

This is a fluffy army thing (that's tournament worthy... I hope) and yes I do plan to make this. The army is based on the story 'The Hunt for Voldorius' which is a battle were the white scars' kor'sarro Khan and and captain Shrike of the raven guard join forces to kill the daemon prince Volodris and bring back his head

Captain Shrike - 195pts

Kor'sarro Khan - 160 - 205pts
Moondrakken -45

Scout squad - 75 - 90pts
Camo cloaks - 15
Sniper rifles - free

Scout squad - 75 - 90pts
Camo cloaks - 15
Sniper rifles - free

Scout squad - 75 - 150pts
+5 members - 65
Heavy bolter - 10
Bolters - Free

# Scout squad - 75 - 90pts
Melta bombs - 5
Combi-melta - 10
Combat blades - free

Land speeder storm - 50 - 85pts
Assualt cannon - 35
Dedicated transport for scout squad marked #

Assualt squad - 100 - 240pts
+5 members - 90
flamer - 10
plasma pistol -15
power fist - 25

Bike squad - 90 - 320pts
+5 members - 125
powerfist - 25
melta bombs -5
melta gun - 10
plasma gun - 15
attack bike - 40
multi melta - 10

Land raider redeemer - 240 - 275pts
extra amour - 15
multi melta - 10
Storm bolter - 10

The Khan will be attached to the bike squad, Shrike to the Assault squad. I will infiltrate the 2 sniper scout units (into cover)the 10 man will sit on the nearest objective to my deployment zone. I will outflank the land speeder storm to take out any 'camping' units (AKA Gretchin, pathfinders)and annoying artillery pieces using the combi-melta and the melta bombs. The redeemer will rumble up with the bikes and I will probably deep strike the assault squad.

If I increase it to 2000 it will be an assault unit of termies and possibly add chronus to the land raider. If i increase it anymore I'll make the bike squad an honor guard squad and the assault marines vanguard. and increase the sniper squads and/or put in another storm w/ scouts.

Any suggestions to make it better or tactics to use, make a comment!

20 Jan 2009

15 things to do before you... fall asleep :P

Here are a few quick things to speed up your hobby, but not necessarily 15 of them which takes me to one I thought of after I started

0) Try setting targets for you're self, complete a unit by the end of the week or something...

1) DON'T take over a blogging group when the original leader quits :P

2) paint the top of your paint lids the colour that's inside, instead of searching through your colours for ages (finding more pots of chaos black than you thought you had and realised you shouldn'tve bought some more (does this sound like I'm talking from experience?)

3) Have a clean work area, have a seperet desk just for your hobby (if you're lucky enough to have room... you can't work at a desk covered with college work or... work work, you need you're own little hobby... cacoon

4) Don't read every blog post that comes up otherwise your 5 minute touch up job can take two hours (I'm also experienced in this area)

5) Always have only one model out on the go (unless batch undercoating) painting up 20 ork boyz can seem really daunting but take them one by one and you feel you're getting somewhere)

6) Reward you're self for getting things done, see a cool mini you'd love to paint but have no other use for buy it when you complete an especially hard character, an army or something else (beating a friend you've had a stupidly long losing streak against (experience again, I bought the nobz (there awsome!) for example 3 ork boyz = 1 cookie :D -Which reminds me not owning the ork codex, can someone tell me the difference between a Choppa and a big choppa?

7) Stay on hobby, the number of times I've almost forgotten warhammer exsists then you feel really hard to get motavated, listen to some hobby related podcasts (I listen to: 40K radio, Worlds end radio, podhammer (not for the little'uns)and The D6 generation) try fantasy battles or even LotR

8) Don't cut down on you're hobby time to run you're blog, it's not that important! unless it's really important...

9) Think of some more stuff before starting you're blog posts and don't do it late at night (AKA i might add to this post tommorrow)

5 Jan 2009

Ye Gods!!!

In a somewhat suicidal fashion I've agreed to take over the blogger group, now this may not be permanent and I want to find people to help me along with it, I think the sheer volume of work Ron had to do was what help push (edit: originally said punch :P ) him over the edge

If you want to lend a hand than please send emails to peter.simpkins@googlemail.com or post a comment and I'll get back to you

This blog will still be active as the From the Warp will be based on the community and I do not feel it is mine to do what I like with

Also, I've already gogt started on my new years resolution and I am painting up the Black reach dwarves (miners are done and I am doing the thunderes, now!)

4 Jan 2009

Back into the Warp

Many of you are very sorry to hear that Ron over at from the warp has decided to close up shop and I'm sure a lot of us will miss him... I know I will, I never found out how he paints white :P

With the leader of the FtW blogger group gone (hmm... do we need a new name aswell?) that means we need to pick a new leader. Not me. But I do think we should spread the load like: one person doing the round table stuff, one person organizing the monthly comps, one person organizing the mailing and one just to keep everything in line, I think it was the amount of work Ron had to do for it that made him go... or something (I'm just guessing here)

I don't know how we're going to run the election maybe we could do a Poll or something, people put themselves up as candidates (please note that Barak Obama may not enter) and then we can vote... I'll organize this bit if you like.

So what do yah think to the idea?