9 Oct 2009

The Sable Swords - Part 1

The shower of blood indicated that brother Solos' frag missle had hit home into the ork lines, the sound of bolters chattering and the nearby and howls of pain from beyond the cover showed that Squad Sepelus was on form. "FOR THE EMPEROR!" Bellowed brother Seargent Sepelus issuing a charge. Seargent Sepelus, freshly promoted after his display of combat prowess on many past missions had taken over a squad of marines, barley out of their carapace armour admittedly but space marines none the less and this was his first mission as their seargent.

The planet Bane had been under orkish attack for centuries, having the perfect climate for growing the blood thirsty Squigs that butchered anything not in full amour, and with the potential for becoming a mighty squggoth many stories high and bristling with teeth. The Guardsmen had, up until this point, been able to keep the ork hordes at bay but with a renewed attack support was needed, the Sable Swords answered the plea for help whilst re-equiping at Feragone a nearby forge world, and had entered the fray with a shower of drop pods containing almost a third of the chapters number.

Chainswords ripped through the un-armoured orks, as ferocious as they were, they were no match for the emperor's finest.
Space marines. 8ft tall genetically modified super soldiers, created for the single purpose of destroying the imperium's enemies, equipped with power armour, and guns that shot fist sized holes into a space marines enemies.

The seldom call of the orks retreat sounded, as single minded and blood thirsty as they were a canny warboss knows when his boyz are beat.
As the smoke cleared from the bolters fired at the retreating enemies the true amount of destruction became apparent...

Okay, first this was written really quickly (honestly), it's more of a test piece than anything else and I would love to hear your feedback about, good? bad? Why the hell are you doing this it's rubbish? I don't care what it is I want to hear it

Peter (Not Peder as I keep getting from a rather irritating Greek person I keep bumping into)

28 Sep 2009

Combat patrol duty

I don't know about you but I find theres an army of a particular type of that army that you'd just want to have a small little display force, Ron's post on bikers (using the Hawk Lord colour scheme) reminded me of how I'd love to have a tiny force of such a chapter. Another one is the sable swords (a chapter which has very little (if any) fluff written about them and I hope to be using them in an upcoming blog series)

Those of you who haven't head of combat patrol (only a few of you I should think) it is a mini - version of 40K based on games two 400pt armies, the only force requirment is a single troop choice although there are a few restrictions on vehicles (no amour value over 33 (worked out by adding all sides togethor) E.g. a land raider is 42, whilst a Rhino is 33) no models with more than 2 wounds and also no ordanance weapons, it makes fitting a game in much easier if your strapped for time and fair for what your able to field. Even if you have plenty of time a combat patroll makes for a game were your in no rush to throw dice or flick through rules at the speed of a flip book.

If you want the full rules for combat patrol you can get them here

26 Sep 2009

Feed Demon review

Sorry about the lack of activity but with job searching, a housemate moving out and a whole lot of other completely un-related to war hammering I have barley had the chance to keep up with internet activity so first on the list FeedDemon review!

FeedDemon is a RRS feed program that keeps track of all updates that you've subscribed to (Including the 'Follow' option on blogs) in an easy way to manage and great way of seeing who's updated and how many times since you last read it.

This is what is looks like when you load it up, the latest 10 posts up there and other general stuff, on the left is your taskbar lets have a closer look
This sidebar shows every single blog you're following and in brackets the number of times it has updated since you last read it. When you click on the blog you get this pannel
by clicking on the little arrow it extends the full story in the program (although BOLS have rigged it so you need to visit the site to read the whole story) which you can do by clicking the title, which it can then act as a mini browser looking like this:
Pros: Lets you keep up to date and lessens the chance of missing a post and is easy to use

Cons: The problem of no comments will be increased as there is no option without entering the browser mode, and it occasionally skips a blog when updating

Try it out, see if you like it but make sure you comment! It frustrates blog owners when they don't get appreciation or praise from their fellow blogmates make sure you do it!

5 Aug 2009

Gamer over, please reset

I've been thinking about my hobby, my lack of disposabal income and the state of my supplies. And I think I may have to actually restart my hobby apart from my models I need new brushes, I have very little paint, my painting board is a mess, my hobby knife is terrible. So when I start getting a decent amount of income again (well any income, worked in a clothing store sale for a week that's it (how much fun was that!)) I'm gonna buy a whole new set of well... everything but there are a few extra things that I want to buy that I think will be useful and you may do to:

A fan - I think this may be useful not only to help normal paint dry (because that's as exciting as well... watching paint dry) but also when shading, I haven't tried this theroy but when washing you could use the fan as directional lighting blowing the wash out of the recesses facing the fan (the light source)

A kettle - What? you say, well I'm a sucker for a cup of tea and being able to get a drink without having to get out of my seat and interupting my painting will be a great help, and hot water is crucial when washing you're brushes (although you don't want it acually boiling, that seems a bit thrawt with danger)

Decent speakers - earphones get on my nerves when trying to paint

Some other things, that I'll put up eventually


(this is weird I don't post for ages and then suddenly I post three in a row scheduled on different days :D )

4 Aug 2009

Space Vikings

We've all heard the new Space Wolf rumours, and one of the main things (well not really but still) is the fact that the Wolves are losing the Leman Russ tank, so what? ... Well I'll tell you, Leman Russ was the Space Wolves Primach, and as such the old (well current) codex allows you to take it. But now in the new codex they are taking it away? Surely they should get all the ones available to the guard plus a unique one, kept to the Chapter by their Primach.

The Saga's sound cool though (hopefully drawing on Norse Mythology again) giving each character a unique back story? But what would do you think they would have? Surviving long in the wild through a harsh winter +1 T or more drastic like An celebrated war hero that beat down a horde of orks single handeldy Reroll hits and wounds that sort of thing.

What would you like to see with the new Sagas? What abilities and what story to go behind them?

3 Aug 2009

What's in it for me? Part TaP

This is a follow on from Ron's post about someone asking what 'was in it' for them by joining the From the Warp blogger group

What? There was never anything 'in it' for me, it was just a place to record my... ramblings about my hobby and hoping to share them with the world (if even a very select few) the From the Warp group was a place where I could maybe get that little more coverage, someone just browsing the list might click on mine (if only by accident) they might like it they might not, but those who do will add to those select people reading my blog. The the main point is to build a community about the hobby we love, it's a big internet out there and one little blog on it's own is not going to get much notice but a group of 300+ will not only build a great archieve for hobby recources but also a great community of friends!

I don't see what is to get other than that?


20 Jul 2009

Nevermind then...

No entries for the contest then... I don't blame you I didn't do mine either :P oh well

On the other hand though! I have actually been doing some painting, OMG! i know! first time in months and I've painted 5 marines and started my test elf. Pictures coming... um... eventually!

Now I'm going to get back to my hot chocolate and lord of the rings, the first one is still my favourite :D

12 Jul 2009

Tweet! Tweet!

I had a couple of people follow me on twitter on my personal account but I've decided to make a warhammer one to go along with it so follow Peter_hammer for any small updates about my hobby. And can I reccomend tweet deck to anyone using twitter, it's a program that refreshed you're twitter in near-realtime to prevent the constant refreshing of using the website, (it also does facebook status updates.)


Yay, what an exciting week, I feel you can gather what happened (hence the title) that means I have plenty of spare time... wait no that's no it... I have plenty of money... um... no! Well the first one yes, and with my unemployment (hopefully temporarliy) I plan on getting (at least) some hobby done, I've cleared my desk of all it's clutter... and it's suddenly 5 to one in the morning (what? there was a lot of stuff).

Here's hoping I'll be able to jump on the work wagon again soon... but not too soon

2 Jul 2009

Seismic what?!

Just a quickie, I was wandering who the bloody hell thought that looked like a bloody hammer! It's a Dread combat weapon with really stubby fingers, go convert yourself one that looks something like a hammer, you know shaft, head, any of this getting through to you GW? I give up!

20 Jun 2009

Competition time!

Woot! So I'm announcing my first every competition! now the prize is nothing big, as most of you know I'm very poor, so what's up for grabs here is a custom banner for your (or one of your favourtie) blogs featuring you're favourite model, GW or otherwise (and yes it will be better than mine... hopefully)

But what is the competition? about you ask, well the Idea is to come up with a special character for a space marine chapter that doesn't already have one (Like the Sabol swords, Fire lords that type of thing) and write rules, fluff and set a points limit for you're character.

The deadline to get you're entires in is the 10th July and then voting will last a fortnight. The voting is not based on having the most overpowered character within reason, it is to make one with a great backround and rules to back it up and is of a reasnable point cost. This is NOT a popularity contest so I will keep all entries annoymous until the results are realased so no posting ideas on you're blog.

I will enter in this ( I'm not gonna be biased towards myself, with the amount of great hobbyists out there I'd be happy with one vote).

There is also an extra prize (well it is the same prize just another way of getting it) for converting and painting the best model to represent you're special character (note this part is not madatory) any previous models may be used as long as they fit the wargear ect.

So let your imagination run riot and come up with the best character you can think of!


On a side note, like many I am looking forward to seeing the new Transformers movie, now I won't be seeing it on the release day but the day after, me and a huge bunch of people I know have booked out our entire local cinema (it's only a one screen old style thing but it's awsome!) and because now that it is a private function... DRINKS ALL AROUND! Anyone else looking forward to seeing it?

14 Jun 2009

Raven Angels or Blood Guard?

I was thinking about my Raven Guard the other night and was wondering how I was going to make the force as mobile as I think a raven guard force should be, easy! Use the Blood Angels codex, with Assualt marines as troops choices andVeteran assualt marines as elites (I think could be fast attack) and it means I can even have a Jet pack mounted command squad (which would be cool). I had decided quite recently to remove Shrike from my list (I felt his bonus wouldn't be used that much and I can't use him in the Blood Angels codex anyway!) It also means that my Blood Raven Land Raider and Co. will fit in even better as they are a Chapter founded off the Blood Angels!... I think...And on the Eldar side of things I've decided to abandom Jawaballs' (or is it Jawaballs's?) advice on my army list as I feel that using all the back hand tactics against a weekly opponent (AKA Josh and his Necrons) will soon get predictable and let's be honest, it's not a very honest way to play anyway, so I'm going to go back to my Original idea although I'm considering including an Avatar (Ignoring armour cancels 'I'll be back'... wait that's the Terminator I meant 'We'll be back') and let's face it that rules a paint in the Ass or if I wanted to be really British arse (I keep getting 'You have a great British accent' over Xbox live is...is this a good thing?)Also I've been doing quite a lot of drawing recently (this isn't mine I just searched up 'British sterotypical comics' and it seemed to work) If anyone wants me to draw them anything on flash just let me know, a problem I have with drawing is that I never get inspiration to start me off, now If you excuse me I'm going to walk the Dog, whose currently malting like Vinegar (oh ha ha! that was a cracker! :P )

6 Jun 2009

Gamer Munch, OM NOM NOM!

I got hungry after reading a post at Mik's Minis so I thought I would do a post on gamer munch, so here goes!

Painting: When painting you want to avoid foods/drink with sugar/caffine it will make you shakey and more likely to make a mistake (My painting is generally at this level before any of this) so avoid: Tea/coffee (unless decaffinated which I think taste weird), fruit, sweets (ahh man), chocolate (damn it!) and achohol makes you sloppy aswell (like that's gonna stop me! I loves me Cider...hic!)

Gaming: Beer and pretzels anyone? this is very relaxed and there is only one type of food to avoid... sticky stuff, when playing someone it's horrible to end up with sticky dice, like handling warm toffee bleh! M&Ms (or similar) are awsome as you can use them for wound counters, now if that's not motivation to kill an enemy character what is!?

Now if you excuse me I'm going to raid my stash (well... what's left of it...)


28 May 2009

Poll closed!

Well it has been for quite a while actually... and you guys want me to do guard... I thought you liked me :P So my list is going to be Guard, Orks and then Chaos Space Marines, I'm doing Chaos afterwards because! Alvin wanted me to :P I have done A LOT of work on the marine codex yesterday but there's still plenty to do (Heavy support... sigh...lots of weapon options...)


25 May 2009


Finally after literally over a month my blogger has started working... unfotunatley not by it's self and I spent a long car journey to ipswitch today sorting it out (thank you Iphone internet connection) So I'm back and!... have a lot of catching up to do.

On the hobby side of things, I haven't bought any eldar yet (the funds are coming along... slowly economic crisis and all that) and I haven't actually painted or assembled a thing (well I put togethor and primered a Glade Guard but that doesn't really count) but I have some big plans for a certain primered scout squad tommorow (yes I'm sticking with the ultramarines until I can get the hang of highlighting black amour).

So I'm glad to be back and be reading up on you soon... hopefully


23 May 2009

Dag Nabbit!

My blogger has packed up and I've had to post (hopefully) this by e-mail. What's happening is that when I try and get onto blogger it comes up with the *this page cannot be displayed* as if I had lost my internet connection. And it is only blogger the few on wordpress work fine, this is mainly why I haven't been updating The Forlorn Forest because I have a complete lack of editing the site having not set up an e-mail for it

Can anyone give me any pointers? If so just leave them as comments and they'll be sent to my inbox.

Peter - Who is missing all his favourite blogs... and also hope this works...

2 May 2009

That was half quick!

The Forlorn Forest is open again after buying some stuff earlier :D that was much faster than I intended but It won't be open here again for a long time as my Hobby fund is working at about £40 a month so in about a month and a halves time I should order some stuff, which will take about a week more to get here so end of July, maybe, assuming I don't spend any of it on anything else.

Signing out... again

30 Apr 2009

Shall I sound that retreat sir?

Let's make this quick, I am going to give up blogging. Not permanently, but giving it up non the less ths thing is, at the minute I just don't have the time of the funds for the hobby and my eldar are still a long distance into the future, so until then, I will not have anything to do with 'The Aspect Portal' nor 'The Forlorn Forest' I just feel that I'm not currently able to distribute much to the commuinty and it all feels like a big waste of time... so I'll see you in a few months when I actually have something intresting to contribute...

Sigining out.

24 Apr 2009

Battle report: Cont.

Only turn 3, I'm tired but I want to do something bloggy... that sounds like you need a plunger to sort out... nevermind.

Turn 3&4 sorta combiined: A hell of a lot happened and I can't remember whish turn is which :P, first of all, all of the Ultra marine rhinos unleashed their blue passangers. Ths inquititorial units (names unknown... to me) wrecked havoc on most of my troops leaving only the trusty exsorsist (survived 4 penerating hits) and a sephrahim squad with the cannoness (so if they're female cannon's do they still shoot balls :P ) Next my hitchhiking space marines managed to kill all but the Inquisitor and his retinue (?) on the inquisitor side, but they took a terrible 3 casualities from lasguns :P (the fact they took about 25 more from various other sources is irrelivant). The exorcist continued on it's roll as it blew up a guard unit coming in from reserve... I think it was a special weapons team (there were only six members and they all died) and another got cut to bits by my sephrahims and the razorback picked off a commisar who ended up by himself.

"Get back to battle you insole AHHHHGGGGGG!" - The last words of Commisar Rip Coffins'

'And more stuff got 'marined' and then we realised... there was nothing left on their side of the table by the end of turn 5 :P So i did finish it :D'

Next up is Ultramarines & Tyranids VS Eldar & Tau (Tau-riffic!) ... which are unpainted (Tau-lorable) and some of which aren't assembled (Tau-ribble).

Goodbye... I'm off to buy some Tau-culm powder and a new set of Tau-ls :D


18 Apr 2009

Vallejo and more shinanigans!

Did I spell it right?

I'm thinking about turning over to Vallejo paints instead of GW, they're cheaper (for the amount of paint in each bottle) but I've never used a 'dropper' bottle before, I'd like to know how other users of Vallejo think of the product and If they'd reccomend it over the GW stuff, please.

and as promised here's another shinanigan (I love that word) that shows you can follow yourself
Also check out my new blog about my future project, wood elves over at The Forlorn Forest

Shinanigans! - Ninja's do exsist

and they advertise on Gmail!
(click for bigger picture, and you can see all my links, some of my e-mail and how much spam I have :D )

More random shinanigans coming soon!

Also sorry about no posting about the battle report yesterday but It's been hectic!
And a mini-update kinda thing, is that I'm going to attempts (when I have the money) to make my Seer council using high elf silver helms (or other eld cavalry) to give them a unique look!

15 Apr 2009

Battle report: Double Reversal phase 1

Right, if you remember a post about playing doubles games, but using your partners army instead of your own, well we did our first game of our 1250 (per player) mini-tournament hoping to have 1 game a month for 6 months.

For my first game It was me and my Ultramarines allied with Joe and his sisters of battle, so I was using the sisters and Joe my ultramarines, Our opponents were Adam with his Imperial guard and James with his witch hunters, so It's an Imperial free for all but not really cause we're on teams!
Sorry about the lack of pictures, I did have them but with my recent laptop problems I lost them all, so I'll try and keep this short as not to bore you too much.

Turn 1: We got the first turn and they're going first, they hit a unit of sisters with a basalisk but didn't kill a single one! And they took out my best painted rhino, so i swapped it for my undercoated one :P but thats all the shooting that came from them.
Joe ran my Rhinos up the table and formed a rather nice conga line to protect the razor back with my command squad in, and I moved, and ran up with most of the sisters with nothing in range and I took out an entire heavy weapons team with an exorsist(?) (it looks like it has an organ mounted on the back) Joe took out the only Leman russ that Adam had bought with him with the lascannon on the razorback (peeping over the tops of the rhinos) and killed a pretty decent 7 guard in the explosion, nice.

Turn 2: starts off with a volley of lascannons and melta weapons aimed at the rhino in the front of 'the conga line' and penetrated it 13 times and glanced 5 times and after all that they managed to immobilise it although the crew where so shaken it must have felt like they were at sea :P A few sister casualities were taken but nothing major. At the beginning of our turn I remembered about my assasin who I had infilitrated into some woods and picked off one of his inqusitors retinue (I think) We killed off his IG command squad with a lucky plasma cannon shot and killed another heavy weapons squad with the exorsist(?) this thing was on a roll! My beloved unit of Devs *fully magnatised for easy weapon swaps* took out a total of 25 guardsmen with 4 plasma cannon shots (and a junior officer) One of the guardsmen squads involved in the hits failed a morale test and their seargent was promptly executed... leaving a unit of 3 guardsmen and a commisar...OOO threatining!

Turn 3 & 4 coming tommorow... i'm too lazy too write it now and I just finished watching Skellig, which I remember reading in school years ago...*reminise*

14 Apr 2009


As some of you know I'm reading the Soul Drinkers omnibus (and trying not to give any spoilers) the chapter ends up being based in a huge space hulk, and with the release of space hulk on the horizon I think it'd be nice to hear what you picture you space hulks being and how you'd like to go about making one?

My idea of a space hulk is kind of when you screw up a paper ball but instead of using paper, you use a tonne of space craft and intead of crushing then you send them into the warp were they all get fused to one another... and then infested with genestealers, which seems to be a reccouring theme. I think it'd be great fun to make a space hulk using different boards to represent different levels of the hulk using stairs to get you're terminators between levels.

Put you're thoughs as comments

Which reminds me, If you haven't already read

13 Apr 2009


or lack of it. I've not touched a single model in the past month! I have started the Space Marine battle deck today and I've put all the names and pictures in and... that's it. No stats, no special rules, and with 37 to do it's going to take a while

For the space marines I'm going to do a seperate deck for the special characters (as I'm going to do the phoenix lords for the eldar) and a note on the decks, you do not have to print all of the cards, just the ones you need, be nice to the planet. Also does anyone have a decent picture of honour guard they can send me?

7 Apr 2009

Eldar Battle Deck - Complete!

Yes! The first one is done! now I'm far too lazy to proof read this one so I'm relying on you guys to point out any mistakes, so send me an email at peter.simpkins@googlemail.com or post a comment.

So here's you're link: Eldar Battle Deck

Let me know what you think, and after (if) you use them, let me know any improvments, critisms or just general stuff... let me know!

And who voted for the eldar! it was supposed to be a not-so-witty pun! change it... prefebly to orks

6 Apr 2009

Yeah... go on then... pick the hordes

Seems the votes are going the way of da orks and the imperial guard, which are both horde armies with a hellofva lot of units. Each. So that mean whichever one I won't be doing now I'll probably have to do after the one that get's voted for... did that make sense?

Ahh! just read the IG summary sheet again 53 different units! might wanna stock up on printer paper for this one... and the ork one... 31... damn well i suppose the eldar was 27 or so, so the orks aren't too bad

Keep voting


Update: now the votes for the 'nid is going up... apparently hordes for the win :S

4 Apr 2009

Busy, busy, busy!

Whoo! 60th post!
So today whilst catching up on all my recorded TV (I'm blaming sky+ for sitting on my ass all day) I've put togethor most of the eldar deck, the only things that are left are the Harelquins, Rangers and all the fast attack units!

Like I said I'm going to do the space marines next but I'm going to open up the vote for the one after that, giving you a fortnight to vote.

peace out...?


3 Apr 2009

New Header

If your reading this post you probably noticed the picture of the banshee behind the title, it wasn't my picture but I edited it to make it work for my title heres the original image:
took a quite a bit of editing then getting the right size was a pain but not too bad for half an hours work.

I'm wandering whether to continue with the battle decks, but as suggested take away the point costs making them play aids, and there needed for eldar with two different powers for every type of aspect warrior :S. What do you reckon? Yes? No?

Update: I've decided to go ahead with the decks, and I've already created 5 more for the eldar deck... bed now at 01:10 :S

2 Apr 2009

Cloaks of Silence

I keep getting hit by inspiration that would be awsome, but non-do-able but this one is, especially as it can be done easily after the models are complete, so... yay!

The plan is to give my entire force green cloaks (greenstuff silly not actually green) i think it'd look awsome on the jetbike riders with the billowing cloaks behind them and heres hoping a hood can hide the horrible jetbikers heads.

Any thoughts on this on greenstuff guides to making cloaks, both would be appreciated

1 Apr 2009

Preview Eldar - Battle Deck

Here's a quick insight into what the cards will look like.


I will attempt to add a bit of 'backround' artwork kind of thing in the future and this is the only one I've done, I'm not sure why i started with the banshees but hey...

Any suggestion, comments or abuse... wait scratch that last one, you know where to put 'em!

31 Mar 2009

Battle Deck Army Builder!

yeah! what a cool name! and i thought of it... right so what I'm thinking of doing is making card sets for each race in 40K with both the point values (ect) and the special rules so you don't have to keep filicking between pages in your codex to find out stats, rules ect. they'd also be good in battle aids.
So I'm gonna start with eldar (because that's what I'm gonna be using) then marines and then I'll let yah vote *assuming this all goes to plan* so look forward to the first ones being posted at some point in the next few days/weeks/months/years/when hell freezes over/never

Peter out

27 Mar 2009

Just a quickie

Got my laptop back today and yet again it's been wiped *sigh* I'd done a load of work restoring my laptop from when it got wiped a few weeks back and now I have to start agian... but! i got my base coats down on my scouts and it'll do for tommorow I suppose, I'll put a battle report up tommorow hopefully, no piccies though.

Already 100 pages into the soul drinkers omnibus, and thanks to those who suggested some more, I'll buy them after the start of my eldar which my starting off shopping list is: 1 jetbike and bitz to make a farseer, 6 man jetbike squad, 10 dire avengers and a wave serpent, which should be enough to deal with for the time being, and I need my codex...

26 Mar 2009


Edit: I realised Drax did a post named likewise after this... immediatley afterwards

I picked up The Souleaters Omnibus. From the 36pages I've read (I read really fast when I get down to it, i'll probably have this 676pg (might be 767pg) monster (three books in one minde) done in a few weeks time hee hee hee...

Just wandering if anyone has read it already and what they thought of it and if they can reccomend any other 40K-ish books that I should read

20 Mar 2009

Phairwell Phi and hobby update

Managing to yet again shang-hi a computer, but this time it's a laptop, I've stolen it off a friend who's gonna be out of town so hopefully... he won't be back soon.

A little dissapointed to hear that Phil from 40K radio has left! He'd been missing the past few shows but has finally announced he's no longer going to be a co-host on the show, hopefully he'll pop up every now and again, but phairwell phil.

On the xbox front if you look at my gamercard (if it's working properly) you'll see that I've bought Peggle, as lovley and fluffy as it is playing with unicorns and pumpkins ect. as you're character, behind this though it's a really great game, which I'm addicted to, I'm trying to stick to the arcade games for a while to keep my xbox gaming cost down so that I have plenty of monies for my eldar :)

My scouts are partly assembled and are undercoated but I'm still stuck on how to paint black, maybe I should re-read Ron's guide.

I've taken my first ever commission!... well I say commision, I've taken on a devilfish of my rouge miniature ruin-er at my gaming club, I thought I would be a decent practice for the sleek lines of the eldar vehicles, also I don't want him to ruin it, so he's given me six quid to buy some vomit brown, bronzed flesh (thank you second hand stall that is my local gameshop) something else and also an undercoated SM biker (at least he can undercoat stuff). I've put down the basecoat and started highlighting and then I got bored (did it to add to my ultramarine bike squad BTW)

Anyway the devilfish's assembled and undercoated and I've put down the scortched brown in the recesses of the thing, and I started to paint on the vomit brown but I had to start again as the paint was lumpy (wtf?) so I mixed it up a little... with the end of the pencil and then I prompley fell asleep... serves me right for always painting at gone 11 0' clock :P I woke up in the morning with a lovley layer of goo over my vomit brown, luckily I managed to headbutt my desk to wake myself up in time for work this morining :)

19 Mar 2009

Out of it.

Right guys, my laptop has completly died, like dead died, it's broken. I've managed to shang-hi a computer to put this post up, but I will be inactive and unable to visit your blogs regularly, if anyof you find something I should really have a look at in my absence (I haven't checked blogs since last friday) than e-mail the links to me @ peter.simpkins@googlemail.com it'd be much appreciated. And I should be able to ckeck me e-mail every other day or so.

I got my white dwarf yesterday (If your only in it for the 40K I wouldn't bother with it, there's two shadowsword data sheets (which i think are up on the net) and then a painting masterclass for the Stompa (which is supposed to be as custom and orky as you can make it anway so pointless aswell really) and unfortunatly... I might have to get War of the Ring, becuase it just looks great :) I never really was a fan of the skirmish based old one, (the whole might, will, fate thing got a bit much for my puny brain, but as far as I'm aware this one only uses might) but large scale battles with (relativley) cheap models spells a big yes!

Although I'd wish GW'd stop doing the OTT battle reports, it doesn't give an accurate feel for what the game plays as. And the last few (SM and Ork ones) have had multiple battle reports (3 and 4 respectivly) that have all been rubbish, and almost as much briefing and debriefing as one of the reports lasts, anyway I digress, It looks like a sound game system.
Below is a bit more 'in-depth' of what is wrong with my laptop.

So you know the screen that pops up if your laptop freezes and gives you the option to go into safe mode, well whatever option you chose it just loops back to that screen and every now and again you see the dreadded 'blue screen' flash up for a split second. So my laptop has been sent off (I love extended cover, it ends next month aswell :D ) and I hope to get it back before easter.

See you round!

7 Mar 2009

Rookie error!

Well today a lot of things happened
#1 I went into town and bought a unit of scouts to be my test ravenguard minis from my local gaming store... I mean stall (serious 'green angle cards and games' in Kettering (northanptonshire) look it up in the back of the WD :P ) I'll post my progress... I mean failings as they come, if the ruddy camera doesn't start playing up (I finally passed my feel no pain on my thumb for you who wanted to know :D)

#2 I download the new army rooster thing from Pit of the Oni, great thing by the way and thanks for sorting out that bug

and #3 my ruddy laptop's been wiped! My friend came round with DoW2 and a no-cd crack on his memory stick... (I left him to it I had to go get some supplies... pizza and yeah... today's gaming day) the crack didn't work and I've lost everything! Luckily I have most of the important stuff backed up, work, music, pictures ect. but I've needed to re-install Windows XP, firefox, ,word all that kinda software and on the warhammer side I've lost all of my army lists and stuff... which is so annoying, I had one up for 1000, 1500, 1750 and 2000 point lists for my Raven Guard, Eldar, and Dark elves... which are now all gone so I only have the 1500 ones i posted up on here :S sigh... I need a mac, everyone's too lazy to make viruses for them :P

5 Mar 2009

Eldar 1500 army list

I know, I know it's later than I said, but you don't know where I live so HA!


Farseer 55pts - 188pts
Singing spear 3pts
Runes of Warding 15pts
Runes of Witnessing 10pts
Spirit Stones 20pts
Eldar Jetbikes 30pts
Doom 25pts
Fortune 30pts

Seer Council - 210pts
5 Warlocks 125pts
Destructor x 5 50pts
Singing Spear x 5 15pts
Eldar Jetbikes 20pts


Guardian Jetbike Squad - 196pts
8 members 176pts
shuriken cannons x 220pts

Guardian Jetbike Squad - 196pts
8 members 176pts
shuriken cannons x 220pts

Dire Avengers - 337pts
10 members 120pts
Exarch 12pts
Two Avenger Catalpults 5pts
Bladestorm 15pts
Defend 15pts
Wave Serpent 90pts
Twin-linked Scatter Lasers 25pts
Shuriken cannon 10pts
Star engines 15pts
Spirit Stones 10pts


Howling Banshees - 372pts
10 members 160pts
Exarch 12pts
Executioner 10pts
War shout 5pts
Acrobatic 5pts
Wave Serpent 90pts
Twin-linked Scatter Lasers 25pts
Shuriken cannon 10pts
Start engines 15pts
Spirit Stones 10pts

1500pts exactly... I think

This is a list that Jawa... wait no Fritz (yes I foolishly sent it to Jawaballs first, way to go me!) becuase I stole Ron's Idea *insert evil laugh here*

As you can see everything is either on a jetbike or in a wave serpent making this a nasty fast moving thingy... BUT! it's not Saim-Hann, they are going to be a dark blue colour (enchanted blue is gonna be the highlight) with silver for emblem things. My anti-tank stuff is mainly gonna be the singing spears and scatter lasers in rear amour 4 S6 shots can eat up most vehicles, but the Land Raiders are gonna have to be left to the Seer council.

I was trying to build this as an anti-necron list (but it didn't really plan out, but my brother plays orks, it'll be good against them) as my friend Josh who I play (and win (every single time) every thursday, is about to start collecting his Necrons along with my eldar, I might get some updates on his progress (He's bought, assembled and undercoated his necron lord w/ staff and rez orb, which is more than me really I've only painted a Farseer which I'm not going to use anymore) but I'm feeling lazy and I've been playing Halo Wars... alot

"If you want to hook up with me over Xbox Live my gamertag is 'Wolfhound PSK' but my mike is broken (It plays up a lot and makes my voice sound about three tones higher, I've listened to myslef on it and I sound like 13 or something :P ) and I've sworn an oath to myself that I'm saving all me gaming money to start my Eldar, also I play mostly with my Nephew and his friends (I know beating kids isn't such a big deal... It's only when they beat me it is :( "

22 Feb 2009

Back from the depths

It seems the Blood Ravens won, making it a late win over the hawk lords, I'm relieved to a degree as I have no experience painting purple and one of the centerpieces (my redeemer) being painted in that colour, I didn't want to ruin it, and I quite like the Blood ravens (thanks to Dawn of War)

Which reminds me: If you haven't already watched this, THQ hired a team to convert, well construct a Rhino, they say life size but no-way would they fit 12 8' marines in there, it would have been awsome if they had mounted a high caliber gun on it and blown some stuff up, to represent a storm bolter :P

I've had a look around for a few tutorials, there's a video series on youtube that I'm about to have a look at but if anyone can recommend a guide on how to paint them, then all input would be appreciated.

"Tread softly, and carry a big gun."

21 Feb 2009

Epic fail...

(This isn't a made up story and I have the wound to prove it :S i wish it was though...)

So after reading that there was going to be a painting corps challange, i got sraight to work deassembaling a tac marine that i had glued the bolter on funny and he needed re-making anyway, unfotunatley I had a bit of an accident, I managed to cut my thumb on my craft knife (this is still my huge chunky one i haven't got a new x-acto yet) and yes it really, really hurts (It's slowing down my typing at the minute I'm having to touch type without my thumb :(, and i can't operate my Ipod with my right hand)it's put a stop to all of my hobby work (this is deep :S ) and so there will be an even bigger lack of hobby updates (even though t he cameras sorted now)

If you don't understand how bad a cut this is i took one look at it and fainted (Failed my feel no pain roll), landed on an ork painboy (Irony!) I was roused a few minutes later, as my labradour had come into the room to investigate and licked my face into conciousness, good girl :S

Just remember kids, sharp things hurt! ouch!
this is generally what my craftknife looks like (except it's red)

18 Feb 2009

1500pts Raven Guard List


Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike - 195pts


Tactical Squad 90pts - 225pts

+5 members 80pts

Meltagun 5pts

Missle launcher Free

Melta bombs 5pts

Drop pod 35pts

Locator Beacon 10pts

Tactical Squad 90pts - 240pts

+5 members 80pts

Meltagun 5pts

Missle launcher Free

Rhino 35pts

Storm bolter 10pts

Extra Amour 15pts

Scout Squads 75pts - 150pts

+5 members 65pts

Sniper Rifles Free

Heavy Bolter 10pts


Dreadnought 105pts - 165pts

Assualt cannon 10pts

Extra amour 15pts

Drop pod 35pts

Fast Attack

Assualt Squad 100pts - 240pts

+5 members 90pts

Flamers x 2 20pts

Power fist 25pts

Melta bombs 5pts

Scout Bike Squad 70pts - 200pts

+7 members 140pts

Astartes grenade launcher x 3 30pts

Attack Bike Squad (?there's only one?) - 50pts

Attack bike 40pts

Multi-melta 10pts

That's 1500pts exactly, I hope... anyway, the tac squad in the drop pod will be launched first turn and then I'll deep strike my Assualy marines w/ shrike and dreadnought, My scouts can sit on an objective and pick off any units (heres hoping they're infantry) heading their way.

The attack bike will go tank hunting, if he's not shot on the first turn which is likley...

The second tac squad will move up in the rhino (may put one combat squad in there w/ melta gun to go hunting and put the other on an objective) and to tank shock people off objectives and claim them for my own evil purposes... MUHAHAHAHA!

And the scout bike squad will be my anti-anything-they-can-shoot-at, and with a 12" scout move (can this be a turbo-boost does anyone know) they'll be in range now.

Obviously no Land Raider Redeemer in this list and no vets, although I'm thinking of re-writing that list and not taking the vets, they're very expensive and not that durable, might just put a tac squad in there, I dunno. If I do though the tac squad will be under the voted colour scheme :D keep voting!

17 Feb 2009

Achievment unlocked: Double double - 25g

Again, name the refrence for internet points!

Down to buisness, so... alot of people play teams, and here is an idea to try out that plays out as a fun an interesting game.

Draw out your army lists and gather you're models BUT! you'll be playing your teamates army! I tried this with my friend nicks Imperial Guard (I've never played these before) and he played my ultramarines. Not only was this a great battle (our oppnent Adam had n
o idea how to play nids :P ) it gives you a great insight into how their army works, what they're best at and what you as his teamate need to do to draw on these advantages, giving you an edge playing normal double games.

Go and try it, we had great fun in this game and we've even planned a double reverse tournatment where you are teamed up randomly and then swap your armies (who knows which army your going to end up with?) We're planning this to start early next month and we're going to have 5 rounds (1 a week for the whole month) I'll keep you updated on how it goes.

Also for you guys who loved the nightlords here is another picture of them in action!
Also if you're wandering about the irregular post time. I have a week off! happy face :)

15 Feb 2009

Achievment unlocked: Variety is the spice of death - 30G

Alright internet points for guessing the title reference.

I was re-reading the tale of 4 gamers yesterday (I'm kinda annoyed it finished that was the first bit I'd read every month) I was thinking about matt's chaos space marines and how he did all of them red corsairs except one unit. Which he really went to town one unit nightlords (he went absoloutley nuts at these they look brilliant)

So what I'm planning on doing is Painting up my LR and my vanguard a different chapter colour, becuase Raven Guard never use heavy vehicles and the vanguard would have jump packs. So I've picked out a few chapters I'd like to try painting these up as, but I want YOU to vote on them (see poll)

Here are pictures of what the different colour schemes on the chapters are:

Sons of Orar(They look cool, and I only need to buy two colours):

Hawk Lords (they look cool and fit the bird theme, but I don't own a purple at the minute (although I need one):
The Fire Lords (fit because the redeemer has FIRE! Need to buy yellow and red):
The Blood Ravens (I know this is a blood angels chapter but I like them (and they fit in with the raven theme, Only need to buy 2 colours)
These are the four chapters that I like and feel I'll be able to do an above avarge paint job on them. SO GET VOTING

8 Feb 2009

Modelling oppurtunities, grab 'em, there fun

I was looking round for some raven guard stuff (Ok i was looking on a guide to how to paint the symbol... and i found one here) I was thinking about the modelling I could do with my ravenguard, marines can get quite boring without anything to make them unique so I thought about it and here's what I've come up with so far:

Floaty bases: I'm gonna model Shrike, My librarian and my assualt marines to be in flight, using a piece of wire attatched to the base to make them look like their mid jump, I might also add some greenstuff/cotton wool/ amourcast effects, smoke/flames coming out the jump packs.

Drop lift or grind pod?: Some of you may know I play gears of war 2, so I thought i'd be a fun task to scratch build a grind lift (does the same thing as a drop pod but from ground level to underground, not flying to ground level) It'd be good if I need an additional drop pod for friendly games and it let's me go nuts with plasticard, double win :D

Raveguard/Ravenwing: Yes... I'm scheming

That's all I've though of at the minute but hey! I'll probably think of some more!

Yet again any suggestions you know where to put 'em

5 Feb 2009

Istaur Eldar - 2000pts

If any of you are wandering why I always do my lists to 2000 it's that it's a nice number that isn't too restricting and it's always nice to have a few more models to throw about aswell. And also happy double post day! (Only becuase I'm trapped in the house by snow)

Farseer - 55 - 148pts
Singing Spear - 3
Runes of Warding - 15
Runes of Witnessing - 10
Spirit Stones - 20
Doom - 25
Guide - 20

Farseer - 55 - 178pts
Singing Spear - 3
Runes of Warding - 15
Runes of Witnessing - 10
Spirit Stones - 20
Doom - 25
Fortune - 30
Mind War - 20

10 Dire Avengers - 120 - 177pts
Exarch - 12
Power Weapon and Shimmer Shield - 15
Defend - 15
Bladestorm - 15

10 Dire Avengers - 120 - 177pts
Exarch - 12
Power Weapon and Shimmer Shield - 15
Defend - 15
Bladestorm - 15

5 Rangers - 95pts

5 Rangers - 95pts

10 Howling Banshees - 160 - 375pts
Exarch - 12
Executioner - 10
War Shout - 5
Acrobatic - 5
-Wave Serpent - 90
Twin-Linked Bright Lances - 45
Spirit Stones - 10
Vectored Engines - 20

10 Howling Banshees - 160 - 375pts
Exarch - 12
Executioner - 10
War Shout - 5
Acrobatic - 5
-Wave Serpent - 90
Twin-Linked Bright Lances - 45
Spirit Stones - 10
Vectored Engines - 20

5 Dark Reapers - 175 - 207pts
Exarch - 12
Eldar Missle Launcher - 10
Fast Shot - 20

5 Dark Reapers - 175 - 207pts
Exarch - 12
Eldar Missle Launcher - 10
Fast Shot - 20

That adds to 1998 points... I think

I plan on putting the farseer with Guide with my reaper squads, dooming units and guiding the reapers to some mega re-rolls of death! and the other one with the banshees dooming and either mind waring enemy HQ units, nasty monstrous creatures or fortuning the unit to get those re-rolls on my saves (just a quick one does that effect the Farseer aswell does anyone know?) and use their singing spears to take out any enemy vehicles

The Rangers will sit on Objectives in cover, or the closest cover nearby and then run to the objective on the last turn, if their not all dead.

The dire avengers will be moving up to provide support for the banshees (who will be miles ahead in the wave serpents) and to sit on objectives... I'm still undecided whether to take the shimmer shield & Power weapon or the Dire Sword & Shuriken pistol (I pronounce it Sh-re-ken)

The dark reapers will provide some long ranged support (I hope to put these in buildings where they can get a decent LoS) and combined with doom (when they get close enough) I'm hoping that the onslaught will take said unit out, the missle launchers are there to provide some horde killing/light vehicle killing.

The Howling Banshees will zoom in, in the wave serpents going straight to the enemy, aiming for the heavy amoured troops (the doom re-rolls should help with the low strength) the wave serpents jobs are to take out vehicles with the bright lances and thin out any light amoured troops with the twin-linked shuriken catapults.

I know on the GW site they did an 'all plastic but the HQ unit army' well this one is almost entirley metal (except the Avengers) i really hate undercoating metal as you always end up with little bits of metal showing, and with a dark colour scheme like mine (although it does have a lot of silver in it) i don't want it to be ruined by that, I might have to try some Gesso or whatever the stuff is called, Or any tips on undercoating metal models? Also I'm gonna go for a winter theme in this army aswell although I'll probably try these bases: using the rocks for huge peices of broken ice. Again any thoughts on the list you know where to put 'em

Stuck by inspiration... literally

I was busy thinking about my Raven Guard force when I was literally hit by inspiration, I was thinking up a theme, you know what i mean is the force gonna be set in a desert, a ruined city or whatever. Well whilst outside cleaning up after the dog, a stupid amount of snow fell off the tree on top of my head, after having thawed out, which took about a week... okay it took about 5 minutes after being inside again but hey!

I now know I want to theme my Raven guard on a frozen wasteland things, not the snow effect type thing, i hate that stuff, the proper frozen ice, model a scout to be falling over type of ice. I've found that it's easy to turn a wasteland into a frozen one... just paint it blue :P

I'm thinking of turning these bases (que picture) from back 2 base-ix (brilliant site) Into frozen plain, things for my ravenguard, Ok... that is all and stuff... Also I have the day off work today becuase there is literally a ft of snow outside... I'm stuck here with a tonne of orks... and no-one can hear me scream :S

Edit: Don't forget Back 2 Base-ix also stock plasticard, flock, modeling sand (i think they call it ballast) nuts, bolts and washers. And they have both round and square bases, check them out, at only $6.10 for 10 25mm bases it's good value aswell... I think (not sure with my £ to $ but i think it's about £4 or something)

1 Feb 2009

2000pts Raven Guard list

This list is a lot less fluffy (even with the special character) and is probably a much more 'usable' list so here goes


Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike - 195pts

Space Marine Librarian - 100pts - 180pts
Epistolary - 50pts
Jump Pack - 25pts
Force Dome - Free
Might Of The Ancients - Free


Scout Squad - 75pts - 180pts
+5 Models - 65pts
Heavy Bolter (With Hellfire Shells) - 10pts
Camo cloaks - 30pts
Sniper Rifles - Free

Scout Squad - 75 - 140pts
+5 Models - 65pts
Bolters - Free

Tactical Squad - 90pts - 245pts
+5 Models - 80pts
Powerfist - 25pts
Meltagun - 5pts
Multi-Melta - Free
Drop Pod - 35pts
Locator Beacon - 10pts


Vanguard Veteran Squad -125pts - 325pts (not right, removed the flamers ect from assualt squads and used the points here but I didn't bother changing them)
+5 Members - 100pts
Relic Blade - 15pts
Edit: (used to be 3) Power Fist x 2 - 50pts
Edit: (used to be 4 power weapons) Lightning x 3 - 45pts
Edit: (wasn't here before) Thunder Hammer - 30pts
Melta Bombs - 5pts

Fast Attack

Assault Squad - 100pts - 245pts
+5 Members
Powerfist - 25pts
Melta-Bombs - 5pts

Assault Squad - 100pts - 245pts
+5 Members
Powerfist - 25pts
Melta-Bombs - 5pts

Heavy Support

Whirlwind - 85pts

Landraider Redeemer
Multi-Melta - 10pts
Extra Amour - 15pts

So taking some advice from the other post, yes the Vanguard Veteran Squad will be mounted up in the landraider.

You'll notice I didn't give my assault squad any additional ranged weapons, that is becuase I plan on taking full advantage of Captain Shrike's chapter tactics (Which lets you change Combat Tactics speacial rule for the Fleet speacial rule).

The Whirlwind is there to take out any campers (Pathfinders in cover, Gretchin on objectives, massed orks/nids/guard)

What I plan on doing is dropping the drop pod at a vunerable point in my opponent's battle line, then (thanks to the locator beacon) I will deep strike my two assault squads with Shrike and the Librarian (I'm not sure whether to put these both in one unit or one in each (as abviously shrike doesn't benifit the force dome due to his Iron Halo) (obviously this won't work well on DoW set up I might just send my Librarian in and he can catch up with the deep striking units)

With my Librarian I will use the Force dome (5+ invunrable save) to keep my assualt troopers alive and Might of the acients to add some additional vehicle, and high toughness killing power to the units (strength 6 + 2D6 amour pen)

With the scouts to sit on objectives (the sniper one as near to my deployment zone as possible) I'll try if i can to capture another objective with the tac squad but I don't expect them to survive more than the first two turns, but with three fast moving units (Assualt squads, Land raider) and the ability to fleet) I should be able to contest most if not all of my opponents objectives

There's my plan and list, got any addvice or critisms you know where to put it (in the comments not the other place :P )

24 Jan 2009

1750 point White scar/Raven guard force

This is a fluffy army thing (that's tournament worthy... I hope) and yes I do plan to make this. The army is based on the story 'The Hunt for Voldorius' which is a battle were the white scars' kor'sarro Khan and and captain Shrike of the raven guard join forces to kill the daemon prince Volodris and bring back his head

Captain Shrike - 195pts

Kor'sarro Khan - 160 - 205pts
Moondrakken -45

Scout squad - 75 - 90pts
Camo cloaks - 15
Sniper rifles - free

Scout squad - 75 - 90pts
Camo cloaks - 15
Sniper rifles - free

Scout squad - 75 - 150pts
+5 members - 65
Heavy bolter - 10
Bolters - Free

# Scout squad - 75 - 90pts
Melta bombs - 5
Combi-melta - 10
Combat blades - free

Land speeder storm - 50 - 85pts
Assualt cannon - 35
Dedicated transport for scout squad marked #

Assualt squad - 100 - 240pts
+5 members - 90
flamer - 10
plasma pistol -15
power fist - 25

Bike squad - 90 - 320pts
+5 members - 125
powerfist - 25
melta bombs -5
melta gun - 10
plasma gun - 15
attack bike - 40
multi melta - 10

Land raider redeemer - 240 - 275pts
extra amour - 15
multi melta - 10
Storm bolter - 10

The Khan will be attached to the bike squad, Shrike to the Assault squad. I will infiltrate the 2 sniper scout units (into cover)the 10 man will sit on the nearest objective to my deployment zone. I will outflank the land speeder storm to take out any 'camping' units (AKA Gretchin, pathfinders)and annoying artillery pieces using the combi-melta and the melta bombs. The redeemer will rumble up with the bikes and I will probably deep strike the assault squad.

If I increase it to 2000 it will be an assault unit of termies and possibly add chronus to the land raider. If i increase it anymore I'll make the bike squad an honor guard squad and the assault marines vanguard. and increase the sniper squads and/or put in another storm w/ scouts.

Any suggestions to make it better or tactics to use, make a comment!

20 Jan 2009

15 things to do before you... fall asleep :P

Here are a few quick things to speed up your hobby, but not necessarily 15 of them which takes me to one I thought of after I started

0) Try setting targets for you're self, complete a unit by the end of the week or something...

1) DON'T take over a blogging group when the original leader quits :P

2) paint the top of your paint lids the colour that's inside, instead of searching through your colours for ages (finding more pots of chaos black than you thought you had and realised you shouldn'tve bought some more (does this sound like I'm talking from experience?)

3) Have a clean work area, have a seperet desk just for your hobby (if you're lucky enough to have room... you can't work at a desk covered with college work or... work work, you need you're own little hobby... cacoon

4) Don't read every blog post that comes up otherwise your 5 minute touch up job can take two hours (I'm also experienced in this area)

5) Always have only one model out on the go (unless batch undercoating) painting up 20 ork boyz can seem really daunting but take them one by one and you feel you're getting somewhere)

6) Reward you're self for getting things done, see a cool mini you'd love to paint but have no other use for buy it when you complete an especially hard character, an army or something else (beating a friend you've had a stupidly long losing streak against (experience again, I bought the nobz (there awsome!) for example 3 ork boyz = 1 cookie :D -Which reminds me not owning the ork codex, can someone tell me the difference between a Choppa and a big choppa?

7) Stay on hobby, the number of times I've almost forgotten warhammer exsists then you feel really hard to get motavated, listen to some hobby related podcasts (I listen to: 40K radio, Worlds end radio, podhammer (not for the little'uns)and The D6 generation) try fantasy battles or even LotR

8) Don't cut down on you're hobby time to run you're blog, it's not that important! unless it's really important...

9) Think of some more stuff before starting you're blog posts and don't do it late at night (AKA i might add to this post tommorrow)

5 Jan 2009

Ye Gods!!!

In a somewhat suicidal fashion I've agreed to take over the blogger group, now this may not be permanent and I want to find people to help me along with it, I think the sheer volume of work Ron had to do was what help push (edit: originally said punch :P ) him over the edge

If you want to lend a hand than please send emails to peter.simpkins@googlemail.com or post a comment and I'll get back to you

This blog will still be active as the From the Warp will be based on the community and I do not feel it is mine to do what I like with

Also, I've already gogt started on my new years resolution and I am painting up the Black reach dwarves (miners are done and I am doing the thunderes, now!)

4 Jan 2009

Back into the Warp

Many of you are very sorry to hear that Ron over at from the warp has decided to close up shop and I'm sure a lot of us will miss him... I know I will, I never found out how he paints white :P

With the leader of the FtW blogger group gone (hmm... do we need a new name aswell?) that means we need to pick a new leader. Not me. But I do think we should spread the load like: one person doing the round table stuff, one person organizing the monthly comps, one person organizing the mailing and one just to keep everything in line, I think it was the amount of work Ron had to do for it that made him go... or something (I'm just guessing here)

I don't know how we're going to run the election maybe we could do a Poll or something, people put themselves up as candidates (please note that Barak Obama may not enter) and then we can vote... I'll organize this bit if you like.

So what do yah think to the idea?