31 Oct 2008

Spray gun

Right i think that the citadel Spray gun is a great idea (except having to buy propellant every now and again) but the silly thing is they've made another of their own product useless, of course I'm talking about the spray paints, Now that you can use any color really makes them totally pointless way to go shoot your selves in the foot.

30 Oct 2008

Halloween Fluff (I do write my own fluff :) )

The wary Tactical squad Arthas of the Ultramarines second company trod as silently through the dense forest of the Tyranid infested planted Forsfarus VI. The trees blocked out what little light the three moons and stars provided. They made a short halt to rest their weary legs. They had been patrolling the perimeter of their forward command base on the planet and had constant guard patrols as the defenses were being built.

There had been no sight of the supposed Tyranid hordes that resided on the small planet of the Forsfarus system. The lieutenant sat on a dead tree trunk and put his bolt pistol down beside him. The other nine members of the squad did similar things the heavy bolter armed member almost collapsing under the wait of his heavy weapon as he sank to the soft forest floor. The entire squad was exhausted and without meaning to one by one the members fell into an uncomfortable sleep.

Lieutenant Horst woke with a start and looked around hurriedly "how could we let our guard down?" he asked himself out loud and he roused the other members of the squad. As they got to their feet unseen to them a pair of glowing eyes peered at them out of the gloom and it stalked away back into the shadows. "We should head back to the base, we're too weary to be any good for anything." Said Horst

The squad had just started walking when they heard a sharp snap from a few feet behind them. "what was that?" said one of the bolter armed marines as if he expected someone to know.
"I don't know, and i don't like it" Said Horst "Stay alert brothers there are many dark surprises lurking in this forest." No sooner has they started again they heard a sharp shriek from the darkness they each bought their weapons to bear and formed a rough circle of defense. Another shriek louder now and they heard many feet running stealthily through the darkness.

Suddenly a large Tyranid jumped out of the trees and ran at the Ultramarines it's teeth bared. Although caught by surprise the marines dispatched it with a few bolter rounds. Suddenly the were swarms of them erupting from the shadows the marines opened fire the flames of the flamethrower lit up the dark forest roasting the insects and setting the nearby trees alight. Three of the squad were slayed by the ferocity of the creatures charge Lieutenant Horst dispatching them with ruthless efficiency with his boltgun and chain sword, his great experience put to good use.

As quickly as it had begun the creatures disappeared back into the shadows. "This is punishment for our own ignorance," said Horst "Brave lives lost to alien scum!" he spat and pushing his pistol back into it's holster. "Come!" we need to get back to the base quickly. They set off at a paced run after one the squad members dropping his heavy bolter in favor of a plain bolter.

They had been running five minutes when out of no-where a huge scythed claw sliced through nearby trees and threw all five of the marines to the ground. The huge Carnifex roared and tore through some more nearby trees to take a look at it's prey. The huge insect roared and thrust one of it's claws into one of the marines. The rest of the squad scrambled to their feet and opened fire with their bolters ripping holes in the creatures protective exoskeleton. It screamed and dispatched another two of the marines with a swing which crushed them against a tree. Horst threw a grenade at the creature the shrapnel ripping through it. The creature roared in agony and fell dead on top of another marine. Horst heaved the creatures heavy corpse off his comrade and helped him to his feet. "Run!" he yelled as more Tyranids sprang out of the gloom after them. Horst and his final comrade sprinted as fast as their power amour would allow through the forest. They found the entrance to the compound using the last of their energy they ran but just in front of the gates another Carnifex sprang out roaring it's challange "FOR THE EMPEROR!" Horst yelled and swung his chain sword at the creatures leg cleaving it in two. The monster roared in return and slashed at the him narrowly missing him but hitting his comrade in the chest, he was thrown back into the oncoming horde and was ripped to pieces by the vicious beasts. Horst ducked under the Carnifex and made a last ditch attempt to make the compound.

He made it to the gate and it swung open revealing Brother Mortis the expeditions dreadnought the honored chapter warrior opened fire with both his assualt cannon and heavy flamer carving through the countless ranks of the tryanids lines. Horst scrambled through the gates and they swung closed behind him. The Tyranids beat on the gate but he was safe and he collapsed to the floor exhausted phisically and mentally with the loss of his brave battle brothers.

40K Yes, thats how much it costs

All warhammer enthusiasts have always had trouble with the sky high prices of the mini's paints and books. I have that trouble all the time...(I don't even have a proper army case i just use those small plastic boxes you get when you order a Chinese takeaway) so in the coming days/weeks/months? there will be tutorials making scenery out of rubbish (pizza boxes, tin cans...um...pizza boxes) to keep the cost of your war gaming down but there is little you can do to remedy the fact that the minis cost THE EARTH!

Sure you can look on ebay but that's only opportunity buying you can find you wave serpent for a fiver but most the time the stuff isn't much cheaper. I normally buy my minis (I'd just like you to know that I'm doing this off my own back and haven't had any contact with the sellers) from Wayland Games it has about 40% off everything! just a hand to keep the cost of your hobby down

Saint Sicarius

Right at my local gaming club my friend Andrew has a big mega demon with all the upgrades and stuff (It's really just a purple Balrog model) and he was running (flying) around owning all of my Ultramarines when he finally got to my command squad. My command squad was normal enough but as my Commander i had Sicarius.

As you should know if you own the new space marine codex or have read the recent white dwarf then you will know that Sicarius can trade his close combat attack for a single coup de grace attack that causes instant death regardless of his opponents toughness (Now you can see where this is going)

His demon charged into combat with me now they both had the same initiative so we rolled off- it was a draw we rolled again - a draw (this was getting frustrating) we finally had a result the demon went first he rolled his demon weapon roll (+ 2D6 attack) and scored a double six so he made his 17 odd attacks with a grand total of 14 wounds so i made my invulnerable saves (or amour saves i can't rightly remember which one demon weapons prevent) I ended up with one wound left knowing i couldn't win anyway i made my coup de grace attack. 4 that's a hit, 6 that's a wound. He made his invulnerable save (2+) this was really tense moment in the game although i knew i couldn't win he still had most of his army comparatively unscathed. He rolled the dice and it fell off the table and landed on a six he swore (as you would it not counting on the floor) he rolled it again and it landed on a 1!

"The daemon roared as it fell to the floor mutilated by the great Sicarius' tempest blade. The daemon's corpse bubbled away out of existence. The battle scarred ultramarines yelled in triumph and charged their hated foes to their death but their glory would not soon be forgotten."

The beginning

Right this blog is about table top game 40K
the contents of this blog will be modeling, painting and making scenery and other stuff... 40K related