10 Dec 2008

WIP: AoBR orks

So I painted up the black reach marines ages ago but i thought i'd finally get onto the orks. I do like orks as they are a change to my normally favoured 'shooty' armies and I'm considering making these up to a real ork army after my eldar. I'm not really using a clan as such i just want a horde unit with a few units of elites really (mostly nobz hiding behind the large boyz units) but I probably won't get round to doing that until this time next year but who cares!

Here's just a few pictures of the Warboss and his nobz (Heh heh heh It's so funny discussing tactics with nobz with ork players :P ) the nob unit is about half finnished and the warboss needs to have a few things done like his gun barrels drilled out but nothing too major. I would have waited until i had finished them all but i wanted to test out my new (and poorly made photo box which will work better once i work out how to turn the flash off)

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