16 Dec 2008

Updates and uvver stuff

I've finished painting the nobs and did a few touch ups on my warboss (i only notice these things when i look at them on a picture) I'm about 1/8 done of my orks (doing them all together so not one is actually finished) I've also completed one deffcopter, but I have broken off at least one propeller ON EVERY SINGLE ONE!!!

The Royal Mail is on holiday already it seems my farseer was dispatched over a week ago now (first class) and I really want to (and need to for the challange) get started, I also bought some razor wire to use to make the runes

Firefox is mucking me around not saving my: blogger, Youtube, disqus, googlemail, kongregate and facebook are all messing me around not saving the log ins when i close my browser or turn off my computer.

Christmas is just round the corner , I've bought presents for my friends but being in a family of six (and a labradour) I'm broke and still need to buy them presents...
I put the monster of a chrismas tree off (had to trim about a foot off so it could stand up properly inside) it now looks very pretty :) (are guys allowed to say that?)

CURSES!!! my network at work has changed and it incorparates a lot stricter filters so I can't look at all your blog posts as much as i'd like (Only on my breaks (I swear)) this also means I'll have even less updates on my blog, but the holidays are just around the corner and I hope to get a lot of Hobby stuff done (we clost compeletley over christmas and newyear I think my holiday is this firday until... the seventh of january... I think) and with the holidays just round the corner (especially you drax with your school holidays :P ) i hope to see a lot of activity on the blogs as I'm out of black library stuff to read... and i can't sleep if i don't read... seriously... not a wink

Also I think I'm high for no good reason :D

Bye bye :P
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