29 Dec 2008

New years Hobby resoloution

So over at Plastic Legions he's written a top ten new years resolution so I thought I'd do they same (and I'm gonna add platic legions to my Bog roll)

10 - finish painting the contents of Battle for Skull Pass, I've had it for ages and only painted one of the gobbo units

9 - Make some terrain, I'm desperately short and I only really have enough for a 3' by 3' board and when i creep into the dark world of apocalypse, I'm gonna need some more

8 - Finish painting the orks in Assault on Black Reach and increase it to 1500-1750 point strong

7 - Start a mini force of Grey knights to combine with my ultramarines (about 500 points)

6 - Start my Dark Elves force to about 1000 points

5 - Buy and read the Gaunts Ghost novels

4 - Start my White scar and Ravenguard combo force thing about 750 points of each white scars and Raven guard

3 - Learn to paint to a higher standard

2 - Keep my warhammer desk tidy so i can just pick up and paint

1 - Get my eldar up to 1750 - 2000 points and paint them to a high standard Jawaballs may be getting some money from me :S


Maybe you should try a top ten too, it's daunting how much money your going to spend in the next year :S
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