18 Dec 2008

Post eldar depression

So with my farseer still somewhere in the post (hence the name of the post) I thought I might start writing a bit of fluff for my eldar force... then i though nah! but i couldn't find anything better to do so here it is. I started off my 'Commands from the webway' book. It was only a few brief notes and I still forgot some of it as I woke up in the morning fully clothed with a pencil in my hand in an arm chair... I can't say that's ever happened before without any drinking involved, anyway here's a bit of background (I'm not gonna interrupt this with my normally abundant ellipses and brackets :P ) And don't yell at me for not having a name yet, eldar names are a bit obscure so it's hard to think of one (I'll edit it in this post when I think of one) Also I'm thinking of a few custom rules to put into affect being my own unique... thing.

Craftworld _______ was one of the first craftworlds that took to the skies, it was involved in a great conflict with the forces of chaos. A chaos sorcerer banished the world to the warp and there it stayed for many years fighting the forces of Chaos, the warriors of became ruthless killers, having seen many terrors in the grips of chaos. After returning into the known universe when a violent warpstorm in the Kuarava system bought the craftworld back from the warp when the warpstorm came into contact with an ancient webway gate. ________ have forever since been silent warriors for the terrors they witnessed very nearly drove them into insanity and they made a vow to never speak of it again, the ________'s warriors instead communicate through telepathy each with an adept knowledge of psychic powers. Through their intense fighting with chaos each warrior has become fearless in the face of terror and have shown legendary efficiency at combat the reaper launchers of the skull faced dark reapers and the legendary power weapons of the howling banshees, who have reproduced their physical cries of mourning for a psychic barrage of noise. The craftworld has gone down in legend as the defenders from the tide of chaos.

Here's a few custom rules i think I'll see if I can put into affect.

-Being in the warp so long many of the members of craftworld _______ have been slain except the best warriors, to represent this no guardian units may be take (this includes pilots)

-Dire avengers may pilot vehicles (adding the point difference between a guardian and an avenger (this will increase the ballistics skill of the vehicle)

-Being very adept psykers therefore every unit with LoS to a farseer or warlock may use his/her leadership, vehicle LoS for this can only be drawn from firing points or cockpits (heh heh sorry couldn't stop myself) jetbikes are included in this as they are concentrating on driving their vehicles so cannot turn to look, farseers in transports cannot be used (except for any squad inside with him/her)

-To balance the rule above if no farseers are left alive every single unit suffers a -1 Ld modifier as the farseer boost the psyhcic abilities of those nearby so there would be a lack of communication between squads.

- ______'s warriors are resistant to all vocal based effects (cry of war or something like that (other howling banshees come to mind))

-Spirit stones MUST be taken on Farseers

-At least one Farseer must be included in the force

-At least one farseer must have the 'Doom' Phsychic power

-At least one unit of both Howling banshees and Dark reapers must be taken to represent the legendary aspect warriors of the craftworld.

-When mind war succsefully kills a model you must yell 'MIND CRUSH' for no good reason

-Warlocks may take two warlock powers at an additional 15Pts per model (eg. conceal and emboldment (which would probably be quite a good combo))

-Autraches may not be taken as ________ are psyker elites

Any suggestions on changing the custom rules, suggesting a name, or any additional rules you might include (or any you'd remove entirely)

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