28 Dec 2008


Thanks Matt_ARCHANGELS for linking me to THIS website which is a English to Eldar (by someone who has far too much time on their hands) so the name Istaur means silence and that is going to be the name of my Eldar force. Although I may go with IstaurWe which means Silent singing... let's give the Imperial Guard pub band a run for their money

I've decided to buy the two units of avengers and a wave serpent but not from GW but from Wayland Games (absolutely brilliant site, not sure what the postage is like to the US but UK peeps should shop here)

I still went to GW today as I was going to buy the Codex, which they were completly out of stock! So i bought some paints, brushes, battlefield accesories kit, a dice cube and a decent tape measure.

um... bye!
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