9 Dec 2008

I'm sorry...

Right so a lot of you may have noticed... or maybe not. But i haven't put a post up for over a fortnight (i think) It has partially been life but the main reason is, I bought an Xbox 360 off a friend on an absolute whim and so i've been having fun with that.

The only hobby stuff I've done is paint up a 15 warriors of Minis Tirith (5 spear, 5 sword, 5 bow) a flag bearer and Boromir. I don't play the game, i used to but at the time (it was many years ago now) i found the might/will/fate rules hard and frustrating and hard to play (although i like how heros just pwnd in it)

I thought I'd just add a quick tutorial for painting ruins (not just my easy ones) it's not in great detail or anything just... well it works!

1: Prime the ruin (be careful if it is carboard as if you use too much the cardboard with warp) a spray or textured paint is prefrable

2: Use a relitivley dark grey (i don't have a white dwarf at hand for the colour thing or recall them from memory) and base coat the ruin, don't be too through leave some of the primer visable

3: Use a lighter grey and drybrush the entire model and highlight any detail you may or may not have

4: using the same method the heavy metal team used to paint wood on the Chaos lord shield (if there's any on the model)

5. Base it as you like, modelling sand, flock ect.

I know it's breif and sorry about the lack of pictures but if you really have no clue i hope it's been some help.

An a lighter note, i've just ordered my farseer that i'm entering in the basing competition (yeah, yeah i haven't started yet) hopefully that'll be here on saturday so i can have a good look at it on the sunday (christmas offically starts on saturday the trees looking rather sad lying on the patio outside, Jetta (my labradour) is very intigued by it and she'll go and look at it every time she goes out to do her... buisness here's a picture of her...

I know this was a bit of a random scrambled togethor post but hey!
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