27 Dec 2008

HELP!!! and a bit

So... I hope everyone had a great christmas, i know i did it wasn't a very warhammery one I got the space marine codex but thats all but i do have just under £70 that means one thing ELDAR ARE EN ROUTE!!!

The only problem is that with the army i want to take it doesn't include any guardians (or the war walker) because I was gonna start out by buying the Battleforce (5 avengers, wave serpent, 10 guardians and a war walker) but I'm wandering whether i should just buy a wave serpent and two units of avengers as it's about £6 more but i get stuff I'm actually going to use only problem is I need to make up my mind by tomorrow as I'm going into Chalmsford to visit one of my friends (god his wife teases me about playing with 'toy soldiers' so at some point I'm gonna go into town and GW (I very rarley get to go to one as the nearest one to me is 2 hours away) where I'm going to buy it (I'd rather pay that bit extra and get them tommorow (it's not that much more counting P&P ect.) so, Battle force or not?

Also a little update: I completed Gears of war 2 :), but I have failed on my farseer rather epicly (should have made a test modle first (the damn thing is gonna need stripping) so I'm sorry to say Ron that there's about an 80% chance that I will not actually be finished for the contest date... I can hardly get this thing painted let alone do a base... I'm sorry.

So a hand would be appreciated on deciding and any craftworld name suggestions are still open
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