17 Nov 2008

Monday rant: Transfers

Right i hope to make this a weekly thing. It's a Monday (auto bad-mood) so i thought I'd have a random rant about something and then listen to the responses i get.

How i hate them. It's the only easy/practical way to put on chapter markings, company markings est. and GW couldn't really have done a worse job of them.

1. There is very little 'space' between each of the transfers so even if you do avoid cutting the next one along you have very little room to hold the cut-out by and usually end up dropping them.

2. Wonky, there is absolute no-way of getting them straight, you could spend ages trying and it's not gonna happen. You can try moving it with your finger but it'll normally stick to your finger or rip speaking of ripping...

3. They rip so easily some of them, sometimes even before they're off the paper stuff (which sticks to the desk or whatever you leave it on whilst applying the transfer) i spent ages putting the large ultramarine transfer on my black reach dread only to have it rip after trying ages to get it straight. Also I wish they would include a spare of every one. If you ruin one for a squad of say, marines and then you either have to paint it on your self or buy a new transfer sheet.

I hope this has given you something to get angry about... wait that didn't sound right...

So what are your thoughts on transfers?
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