9 Nov 2008

Master plan 2.0

I've been reading up a bit on the Ulthwé fluff and it turns out they don't include many aspect warriors (Spare Dire Avengers) which isn't ideal if you want to base your army around dark reapers and banshees. So, I think I may invent my own craftworld (That Phoenix Lord Arsurmen retrieved from the midst of a warpstorm) and so I have a focus to write some fluff on (and i get to make my own colour scheme which I also just did with a tactial squad) so first things first... any suggestions of names anyone? (keeping in mind the banshees and reapers)
Edit: here's the runes (I actually think their elvish but what the difference really) I tried inserting it into the post but it was too big (the actual size not the file size)
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