15 Nov 2008

FtW group: My most reliable unit

Following the round table discussion on the units we never leave home without I thought I'd share some war stories about my devastators and their uncanny scatter rolls:

There is a friend at my club who plays blood angles and he has a 'super unit' of assault marines in one round of fire i managed to reduce the unit to a smoldering ash, apart from the captain who was saved by his storm shield but he failed his morale test and promptly left the battle.

I magnetize most of my special weapons troops (2 per tactial squad ect.) so that i can mix and match my weapons depending on which army i'm against (multi meltas aren't all that great against an ork horde) so recently i was playing an amoured company so i equiped missles, meltas that kinda thing, i managed to pop both of their land raiders and a rhino (which exploded badly damaging the marines hiding behind it (and in it))

But my best shot ever was when I was playing against Imperial guard (it was someone from my club and we were doing a bit of hobby shopping (the lovley new land raider for me)) in a GW and my plasma cannon shot scattered badly from the heavy weapon crews i was aiming for but landed on their command squad instead! I caused enough damage to force the unit to make a morale test... which they failed (douple six ouch) and the commisar stept up and executed his own commander! That was one of the few occasions i won against adam's Imperial guard and what an ironic way to take victory.
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