21 Nov 2008

FtW group: Basing challange

Right so you know i am going to start an eldar army so i've decided the model i'm going to enter into the competition:
An eldar farseer

I'm going to mount it on a 40mm base instead of a 25mm
1: so i can add a bit more detail to it
2: it makes the model stand out more which is what you want on a HQ choice (I do it with all my HQs)

I'm yet to decide on a color scheme properly but i feel it will be quite dark with silver and a rich deep red cloak (Edit: I had originally posted clock :P ) I'm still not entirely sure but i want to theme my army around the nights sky so it will be nice to pick out bits of detail with silver on black.
That's the plan anyway... I will post my failures... i mean progress as i go along (although I may not get the model for a while i can start the base (i have a lot of spare 40mm bases from cavalry model in LOTR (Don't ask (here's another bracket :P ))))

Any thoughts?
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