24 Nov 2008

For your gaming pleasure

Here are a few tips to increase your gaming pleasure I use most of these :P

Wound markers - don't use dice, use MMs, skittles, smarties, fruit pastels. Hero takes a wound oh well get a sweet
-You could also do this for every model now don't you regret your not Orks or IG

The winner is! - put a reward up for the winner it doesn't need to be anything big, some spare wound markers for instance :P or free drinks later in da pub

Imiagination - Make up your own super monsters (que rending pony) and make your opponent put an entire army against it, do it like a Zelda boss of something where you need to do destroy different parts of it before it explodes into a large amount of molten plastic and you collect the heart container from... wait forget that last bit

Vary it - always playing against the same army try swapping, it can be good fun... or not...

Turn to the dark side - I hate it when the game ends on turn 5 with an epic clash lined up for the following turn (this works best with objective levels) just keep playing even after the winner is decided the last parts of the game are normally the most fun, play to the end!
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