1 Nov 2008

Master Plan

Right some of you may be wandering why my blog is called 'The Aspect Portal' some of you may recognize this from Dawn of War (the Eldar building that produces infantry units) This is because I'm going to start a new army (Eldar wow! what a great guess) from the craftworld Ulthwé. I have chosen this as i love the color scheme and I hope to base my army mainly around howling banshees and dark reapers (which fit into the color scheme well) I've been wanting to do this for a while now and haven't got round to it, I hope to start around January/February (Christmas is too expensive) and will write guides on how i paint them; battle reports on how i play them and will be making some very eldar scenery (some of which will be adapted from dawn of war buildings) so sit tight until then. (If you too are looking to start a new eldar army then this web page (actually this site has all the old GW articals on it some of which have been lost since the new one has been introduced) is great for choosing a craftworld)


RonSaikowski said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the new army.
Eldar calls to me from the distance but I'm staying strong right now. I'm determined not to start another army.

Vinci76 said...

i dont think i could or ever will have a non human force.

i cant relate to eldar, orks, nids, necrons.... i would only ever use marines, guardsmen, chaos (but not a deamon army).

strange really.

Peter said...

you should just buy a small unit (you can get 4 guardians in a little set for £5 ($8-ish) try painting them up and see what yah think, that's how i decide an army is right for me and that tyranid's are not easy to beat or paint (They seem to have a grudge against me (seriously))

jabberjabber said...

I admire your choice of an eldar army. I am particularly looking forward to seeing some eldar scenery inspired by Dawn of War!

Regarding the Australian GW website, I want to alert everyone that the word here Down Under is that it *will* be getting a face lift. Equally the "community" page has been like that for a long while, so I have no idea of the time scale for the change to be implemented.

Peter said...

Thanks for the heads up jabber i might retrieve all the useful articles before the Australian sight get's a 'face lift'