13 Nov 2008

Easy Ruins

Big Post Alert!

Okay first things first. This is not a tutorial to make amazing pieces of scenery with the most expensive materials you can find this is a really quick, easy and cheap way to make a ruin and all you will need is:
Scissors or a crafting knife
A reasonable amount of thick cardboard
A small amount of thin cardboard
Some old sprues
A Pen

Step one:
Easy cut out a square or rectangle out of the thicker cardboard

Step 2:
Mark a jagged line through the middle connecting two opposite corners and cut them out

Step 3: Cut out a small piece of thin card to look a bit like old wood (Or use thick to make a ruined piece of floor) and glue these three pieces together

Step 4: Place the whole thing on a sheet of cardboard and draw round is smoothly leaving room around the edges then cut this out and stick the ruin to it

Step 5: Using more of the thin card cut out small rectangles (To represent brickwork) and stick these however you like onto the ruin

Step 6: Using a pair of clippers cleave up a couple of old sprues and stick it to the base around the ruin

Step 7: Using a pen you can add bullet holes by stabbing the cardboard.

Finished! (apart from the lack of paint) you can add any extra details in that you want (corpses, banners ect.)

Some badly painted marines (WIP) defend themselves in a ruin

Oh and here's one I made earlier :P

You can also make smaller bits of terrain using sprue bits

Hope this has been useful. I may post a painting guide for it as well... don't hold your breath though.
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