23 Nov 2008

Army quick tips

Space marines:
With: Space marines have access to a lot of special characters use them,
Against: Plasma and power weapons are you're friends

With: Don't bother shooting with da boyz just run
Against: Template weapons and Hi strength, low AP with lot's of shots, cause a moral tests, Use there own units for cover saves (they get in the way of each-other a lot)

With: Farseers rule autraches are rubbish in comparison, Use small-ish (5) jetbike squads to capture/contest objectives on the last turn, Use guardians to look after you're own objective and use the Support platform to you're advanage and DOOOOOOOM!!! (Muhahahah!)
Against: Decent AP, low-ish strenght weapons. Prioritise you're targets, especially howling banshees in transports

Imperial guard:
With: Use as many blast weapons as possible, blast weapons don't miss!
Against: Stay out of 12" wherever possible, Use weapons with a range that beats lasguns. Use weapons with as many shots as possible

With: Chaos heroes own... really they do
Against: Plasma again, lot's of power weapons (Howling banshees ect.)

With: Detach the gun drones from vehicles, use pinning weapons to keep the enemy at arm's length, use kroot to pester the enemy, don't be careless with battlesuits they're not all that tough
Against: Stay out of 12" until assualting, use fast moving troops (assualt marines) to tie up the units and then move the rank-and-file units in

With: don't forget you're re-assemble rolls, they're better than you think
Against: Use melta weapons to pop monoliths *pop* (fire drangons in a bright-lance armed falcon)

Sorry I don't have any experience with or against Sisters, W hunters, D hunters or D eldar

Hope some of this has been useful to some of you... probably not but... maybe
post a comment for anything you think I should add
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