30 Oct 2008

Saint Sicarius

Right at my local gaming club my friend Andrew has a big mega demon with all the upgrades and stuff (It's really just a purple Balrog model) and he was running (flying) around owning all of my Ultramarines when he finally got to my command squad. My command squad was normal enough but as my Commander i had Sicarius.

As you should know if you own the new space marine codex or have read the recent white dwarf then you will know that Sicarius can trade his close combat attack for a single coup de grace attack that causes instant death regardless of his opponents toughness (Now you can see where this is going)

His demon charged into combat with me now they both had the same initiative so we rolled off- it was a draw we rolled again - a draw (this was getting frustrating) we finally had a result the demon went first he rolled his demon weapon roll (+ 2D6 attack) and scored a double six so he made his 17 odd attacks with a grand total of 14 wounds so i made my invulnerable saves (or amour saves i can't rightly remember which one demon weapons prevent) I ended up with one wound left knowing i couldn't win anyway i made my coup de grace attack. 4 that's a hit, 6 that's a wound. He made his invulnerable save (2+) this was really tense moment in the game although i knew i couldn't win he still had most of his army comparatively unscathed. He rolled the dice and it fell off the table and landed on a six he swore (as you would it not counting on the floor) he rolled it again and it landed on a 1!

"The daemon roared as it fell to the floor mutilated by the great Sicarius' tempest blade. The daemon's corpse bubbled away out of existence. The battle scarred ultramarines yelled in triumph and charged their hated foes to their death but their glory would not soon be forgotten."


RonSaikowski said...

Honestly, the rest of the game doesn't matter, your big guy killed his big guy in a suitable 40k fashion.