30 Oct 2008

40K Yes, thats how much it costs

All warhammer enthusiasts have always had trouble with the sky high prices of the mini's paints and books. I have that trouble all the time...(I don't even have a proper army case i just use those small plastic boxes you get when you order a Chinese takeaway) so in the coming days/weeks/months? there will be tutorials making scenery out of rubbish (pizza boxes, tin cans...um...pizza boxes) to keep the cost of your war gaming down but there is little you can do to remedy the fact that the minis cost THE EARTH!

Sure you can look on ebay but that's only opportunity buying you can find you wave serpent for a fiver but most the time the stuff isn't much cheaper. I normally buy my minis (I'd just like you to know that I'm doing this off my own back and haven't had any contact with the sellers) from Wayland Games it has about 40% off everything! just a hand to keep the cost of your hobby down