9 Oct 2009

The Sable Swords - Part 1

The shower of blood indicated that brother Solos' frag missle had hit home into the ork lines, the sound of bolters chattering and the nearby and howls of pain from beyond the cover showed that Squad Sepelus was on form. "FOR THE EMPEROR!" Bellowed brother Seargent Sepelus issuing a charge. Seargent Sepelus, freshly promoted after his display of combat prowess on many past missions had taken over a squad of marines, barley out of their carapace armour admittedly but space marines none the less and this was his first mission as their seargent.

The planet Bane had been under orkish attack for centuries, having the perfect climate for growing the blood thirsty Squigs that butchered anything not in full amour, and with the potential for becoming a mighty squggoth many stories high and bristling with teeth. The Guardsmen had, up until this point, been able to keep the ork hordes at bay but with a renewed attack support was needed, the Sable Swords answered the plea for help whilst re-equiping at Feragone a nearby forge world, and had entered the fray with a shower of drop pods containing almost a third of the chapters number.

Chainswords ripped through the un-armoured orks, as ferocious as they were, they were no match for the emperor's finest.
Space marines. 8ft tall genetically modified super soldiers, created for the single purpose of destroying the imperium's enemies, equipped with power armour, and guns that shot fist sized holes into a space marines enemies.

The seldom call of the orks retreat sounded, as single minded and blood thirsty as they were a canny warboss knows when his boyz are beat.
As the smoke cleared from the bolters fired at the retreating enemies the true amount of destruction became apparent...

Okay, first this was written really quickly (honestly), it's more of a test piece than anything else and I would love to hear your feedback about, good? bad? Why the hell are you doing this it's rubbish? I don't care what it is I want to hear it

Peter (Not Peder as I keep getting from a rather irritating Greek person I keep bumping into)

28 Sept 2009

Combat patrol duty

I don't know about you but I find theres an army of a particular type of that army that you'd just want to have a small little display force, Ron's post on bikers (using the Hawk Lord colour scheme) reminded me of how I'd love to have a tiny force of such a chapter. Another one is the sable swords (a chapter which has very little (if any) fluff written about them and I hope to be using them in an upcoming blog series)

Those of you who haven't head of combat patrol (only a few of you I should think) it is a mini - version of 40K based on games two 400pt armies, the only force requirment is a single troop choice although there are a few restrictions on vehicles (no amour value over 33 (worked out by adding all sides togethor) E.g. a land raider is 42, whilst a Rhino is 33) no models with more than 2 wounds and also no ordanance weapons, it makes fitting a game in much easier if your strapped for time and fair for what your able to field. Even if you have plenty of time a combat patroll makes for a game were your in no rush to throw dice or flick through rules at the speed of a flip book.

If you want the full rules for combat patrol you can get them here

26 Sept 2009

Feed Demon review

Sorry about the lack of activity but with job searching, a housemate moving out and a whole lot of other completely un-related to war hammering I have barley had the chance to keep up with internet activity so first on the list FeedDemon review!

FeedDemon is a RRS feed program that keeps track of all updates that you've subscribed to (Including the 'Follow' option on blogs) in an easy way to manage and great way of seeing who's updated and how many times since you last read it.

This is what is looks like when you load it up, the latest 10 posts up there and other general stuff, on the left is your taskbar lets have a closer look
This sidebar shows every single blog you're following and in brackets the number of times it has updated since you last read it. When you click on the blog you get this pannel
by clicking on the little arrow it extends the full story in the program (although BOLS have rigged it so you need to visit the site to read the whole story) which you can do by clicking the title, which it can then act as a mini browser looking like this:
Pros: Lets you keep up to date and lessens the chance of missing a post and is easy to use

Cons: The problem of no comments will be increased as there is no option without entering the browser mode, and it occasionally skips a blog when updating

Try it out, see if you like it but make sure you comment! It frustrates blog owners when they don't get appreciation or praise from their fellow blogmates make sure you do it!

5 Aug 2009

Gamer over, please reset

I've been thinking about my hobby, my lack of disposabal income and the state of my supplies. And I think I may have to actually restart my hobby apart from my models I need new brushes, I have very little paint, my painting board is a mess, my hobby knife is terrible. So when I start getting a decent amount of income again (well any income, worked in a clothing store sale for a week that's it (how much fun was that!)) I'm gonna buy a whole new set of well... everything but there are a few extra things that I want to buy that I think will be useful and you may do to:

A fan - I think this may be useful not only to help normal paint dry (because that's as exciting as well... watching paint dry) but also when shading, I haven't tried this theroy but when washing you could use the fan as directional lighting blowing the wash out of the recesses facing the fan (the light source)

A kettle - What? you say, well I'm a sucker for a cup of tea and being able to get a drink without having to get out of my seat and interupting my painting will be a great help, and hot water is crucial when washing you're brushes (although you don't want it acually boiling, that seems a bit thrawt with danger)

Decent speakers - earphones get on my nerves when trying to paint

Some other things, that I'll put up eventually


(this is weird I don't post for ages and then suddenly I post three in a row scheduled on different days :D )